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  1. salomon2007

    Merry Christmas, Legends!

    Happy holiday to you all ! I was very happy to have played WoWS:Legends Beta test, I wish I could have played for a whole week. Anyway I'm looking forward to be able to participate in the next beta test if possible. I can't wait until Open beta would come to us. 🙂
  2. I need a tutorial video which would teach us how to use torpedo shot effectively. And also I want a filter at port which could make us select only specific nation or specific ships or both.
  3. If I could get Beta test code in next time, I should concentrate on one nation's tech-tree because I could not have reached Battleship (Tier3) 🙂
  4. salomon2007

    Beta weekend FAQ

    I am XboxOne user and I've got two e-mails. One contains WoWS:Legends beta test code for XboxOne and another contains code for PS4. I don't need code for PS4 so if someone want to use the code for PS4 I will give it to you PS4 user. Although my location is Asia and I don't know whether the code is restricted to PS4 users in Asia or not. If you want it contact me e-mail on this website.
  5. Then after this weekend Beta test, do I hava chance to get another Beta test weekend invitation ?