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  1. I have some of the same interface quibbles. Making some of the things slightly configurable, names larger or smaller, indicator icons bigger or smaller, for bigger or smaller screens and younger or older eyes would be good. And yeah, for my set-up, the pens and overpens and such are pretty much 100% indistinguishable. I ended up just watching damage indicators instead. In all, I agree, it's really well adapted. I can't think of any real structural changes I'd suggest - only polish.
  2. Honor MacDonald

    Initial first thoughts

    You could just make each element a data-driven sprite tile with an alpha layer, then have a screen in your profile area where you can size and place them all where you want them - give it a background like an in game shot, you move the layout where you want it, save it, and go. You could even save a profile for each class of ships - say you want your HUD this way for DDs and that way for BBs, or even ship by ship. So when you play that class or ship, it loads the interface you want. This probably wouldn't be as difficult as it sounds - those things are almost certainly already data-driven sprite s with alpha layers - you "just" need a customization screen, and a set of variables saying which subset to access for which class or ship. (A programmer might put a curse on me - things often seem easier to the UI artist than they do to the programmers. 🙂 )
  3. Honor MacDonald

    Unofficial closed beta feedback thread

    I locked up hard today - it's a not-unknown xbox error you get across games - the sound goes to a harsh buzz and the screen locks for a while, then the game closes. Took a few tries to get back in, nothing to replicate really, so I'll just note it here rather than in a bug report.
  4. Honor MacDonald

    Thoughts for the closed beta testers

    ...Or hit you with more HE, so you can feel the burn 🙂
  5. Honor MacDonald

    What a dreadnought could do

    Speaking of... Anyone wanna log in to the PC game and get my daily Dreadnought points so I can have another hour in the console the beta? ::wink::
  6. Honor MacDonald


    Annnd I just saw that we're not. This vexes me. 😞
  7. Honor MacDonald

    Unofficial closed beta feedback thread

    I'd really have thought there'd be a thread or folder in a closed area... >.>;; Well, day one thoughts - I imagine I'll quite and revise or just come back and edit, after the second and third day. I really like it so far. I didn't get near as much sleep as I probably should have last night. I haven't found any heroic level bugs with which to prove my worth, but I'm trying lots of things. Some of the interface elements seem a bit small to me. I find myself really squinting and leaning forward trying to read them. I could make a list, or just try to establish a pixel threshold, if I can look up with the interface resolution is somewhere (I've done UI/UX, but not for a console game, so I don't know offhand what you design to) I really miss being able to look into team scores and battle details on the results page. It sounds silly, but after so many games for so many years, the game not explicitly saying "Don't worry, you won't be penalized for not watching the end of the battle." made me wonder for a moment - but, only until I saw the results came in. (I haven't found where to go back and look at those results yet, I don't think. I haven't looked for it, but I don't recall it jumping up at me.) I got used to the control scheme fairly quickly, but I still hit the wrong button for some things after... Gotta be maybe 30 games so far? speed adjustment and steering, mostly. I don't think I've ever confused port and starboard when going forward but looking backward on the PC game, but I've done it a lot on the console so far. I assume that'll soak in, though. A way to manage range rings on the mini-map, and maybe adjust the size and location of the minimap would be good. I'm not 100% sure which is visibility (spotted) and gun range, and I don't _think_ I've seen torpedo range at all. I miss the ability to target lock and the way a locked target auto-tracks rather a lot. That seems like it's got to be a considered interface decision, but I miss it. I haven't found where to see battle statistics / player record / medals and achievement type things. I'd really like 'sorry', 'thank you', 'good game', 'gl;hf' type radial command options. And, another list for some questions maybe? Do you want screen caps of suspected bugs or odd occurrences? Is there an XBox account we could share or message them to? Are we meant to spend free xp like mad to get to tier IV/V ASAP? "Who do I have to f--- to get a drink around here?" probably isn't appropriate forum language, but who do I have to bribe, cajole, sweet talk, plead with, or have kidnapped or assassinated to get onto the not-weekend-only test team? (joking about kidnappings and assassinations probably isn't appropriate forum language, either, come to think of it, and when I typed a little winking emoticon so you wouldn't think I'm a psycho, CR and arrow keys stopped working. >.>;; ) I'll come back and add more stuff as I notice it, or it comes to me, or the coffee takes effect.
  8. Honor MacDonald

    Gamepad Presets/Secondary Manual Control Suggestion

    speed and steering on the d-pad is a cool idea... consumables becomes tricky, though. Maybe a radial menu from an a-press or something? I'd like to have a toggle for binoculars / gunnery mode. I assume, at this point, the lack of a gunnery lock is intentional, right?
  9. I keep typing and deleting responses, but I just can't come up with anything more appropriate than the facepalm.
  10. Honor MacDonald


    I wonder if we newbs are going to stay after the weekend... I guess we'll know soon enough. 🙂 For all I know, it may go live shortly after - I haven't found any decent or certain bugs yet.
  11. Honor MacDonald


    Hi - I'm one of the new XBox testers. Does anyone know if this is still locked down in terms of publishing screenshots or captures? I'd love to be able to share some "omg you guys look what's coming!" pictures, but none of the stuff we did in Supertest on WoT, at least, was publishable.
  12. Honor MacDonald

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    I know for a fact that at least one person who registered ten days ago got a code.
  13. Honor MacDonald

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    That was probably some combination of unclear or incorrect on my part. It would, particularly if you use the term only for the alpha of the whole game - which may very well be the correct usage for WG. I meant that, in super-test, we alpha tested some new content before it went live. But, then, we beta tested a lot of new content, too - I'm sure there was in-house alpha testing on the newer stuff.
  14. Honor MacDonald

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Alpha tester badges... ::wistful sigh:: I don't even really like forums, at least since the nineties - and I'd [REDACTED] for a WoWs alpha test badge. When I joined WoT and got all my tester badges over there, I was waiting for WoWs - I didn't even know I liked tanks, until I started playing. And I was in an armored division in the army 🙂 - and then life happened, and next thing I knew, WoWs had gone through Alpha and Beta and live without me knowing it 🙂