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  1. contact support on Discord!!!
  2. GAME ON Lads 🙂 best of luck to all and see u on the sea ^^
  3. my my my my my my my 🙂😉 🙂😉 been waiting for so long.... 😞
  4. PSikor_84

    Playstation 4 status update

    thx for update 🙂 sad news but it's better that leave us hangin' 🙂 cheers 🙂
  5. PSikor_84

    Alpha status update

    still waiting, still checking email, still patient... 😛 PS4 ... how long can i have hope... ? 😛
  6. PSikor_84

    Status update: start of code distribution

    ok ok, sorry, just a little disappointed nothing more, i will be more gentle next time ^^
  7. PSikor_84

    Status update: start of code distribution

    why oh why did crappy XBOX get it first... 😞 😞 😞 PS4 any time soon @Philigula ?
  8. PSikor_84

    Alpha status update

    ufffff thx man 🙂 thought i've deleted mail ^^
  9. PSikor_84

    Alpha status update

    can any1 tell me if i get it to alpha? can't tell if i received email :/