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  1. SteamPhyst

    12G Download Today

    Took eleven minutes to download. I have enjoyed this alpha testing, especially having never played on PC. With each update it feels more and more like a complete game. Starting from the very beginning, grinding tier one, working up through the levels unlocking game features still excites me. A lot of people are going to be very happy when the final product is released, and I'll be here waiting to welcome them.
  2. SteamPhyst

    System Sound Off

    Might as well start the separation to find potential teammates. PS4 here.
  3. SteamPhyst

    English Speaking Community

    Yeah, what He said. I tend to ignore forums in general because most of the comments are negative, whiny, or become dominated by people who had a rough day in real life and troll the web taking his disappointment with life on others. Let's keep this one pure
  4. SteamPhyst

    English Speaking Community

  5. So excited for this to arrive, I gave up trying to keep up on PC gaming, too expensive to stay current. Welcome to PS4!