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  1. It sure would be nice to be able to vote on reward prem ships, I’d be up for it.
  2. GROG

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Didn’t WoTC do something similar to start off with during the beta test faze? We are after all in the test faze of WoWL, and we all know this isn’t goimg to be the final product. Unless there is info somewhere that I haven’t read that states WoWL will only go to 7 tiers.
  3. GROG

    Where you from and what platform

    I’m from Inverness in the Scottish highlands, and I will do a bit on both xbox one and PS4. Unsure which one will be my main account. Depends on what my friends on both consoles do.
  4. GROG

    System Sound Off

    Xbox one and PS4. Reroll skrub already.
  5. GROG

    Claiming it for the good boys

    This is my little friend who I’m helping to walk and train, she is about 8 months old, and a real live wire.
  6. GROG

    Tune suggestions

    Anything by Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, or from the the 80’s/90’s thrash metal/hair metal scene.
  7. GROG

    Lot of familiar names posting

    Screw you ruthless.
  8. GROG

    WoT console community sign in here

    Howdy all.
  9. GROG

    The Beginner's Guide

    Lmao. I know far to many Ricky’s in real life. Im probably the one from my family who reminds everyone of the trailer park guys.
  10. GROG

    Introducing the team

    Being this game on, hurry. Cheers to the two Phils.
  11. Seen loads of familiar names in this thread, including quite a few from WOTC ST, past and present. Awesome to see you all here guys, and I look forward to sinking all of you.
  12. GROG

    The Beginner's Guide

    Lmao. Spud from train spotting and the goofy dude from trailer park guys? They also are two of my favourite fictional characters. I see a little of both of them in me.
  13. GROG

    The Beginner's Guide

    Thanks very much for the guide peppa chan. Im a warships noob along with mister hooper, so this will be very handy.
  14. GROG

    Intro FAQ

    Add me into that too. Lol. Except wow on pc.