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  1. Devildog_627

    So which game requires more skill, WOTC or WOWl ?

    Interesting question, to be sure. I find Warships to be far more cerebral. I cannot stand WoT’s “peek-a-boom” spastic gameplay, and though I’ve only been playing it just over a year, the awful gameplay from players in tiers IX and X have soured me on it completely. I’ve had great battles in Warships which I’ve lost, but they weren’t ROFLstomps. I just find Warships’ rather methodical gameplay far more rewarding. So, I suppose I feel Warships takes more raw skill overall, due to needing to really think ahead and have good spatial awareness, because being out-of-position seems far more punishing.
  2. Had this delivered today: “Japanese Warships of World War II”, 1966. I was blown away to learn two “battleship-carriers” were actually built and participated in battle! EDIT: Apparently these exist in Blitz... which I don’t play so was clueless about.
  3. Devildog_627

    First Beta Weekend in Numbers

    What alpha tester ribbon?
  4. Devildog_627

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    I find this interesting as Armored Warfare on console allows tanks to pop smoke and it works just fine...
  5. Devildog_627

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve never played on PC. I love naval history but frankly I don’t care about Yamato one way or the other. Sure, she’ll be awesome to have but I’m not losing my mind over that *particular* ship. I only mention this to illustrate the viewpoint of someone learning about this game from here, on console, with zero prior experience. Frankly I’m into all of the ships so far; their histories are interesting to me.
  6. Devildog_627

    What whould a good captain do?

    Still figuring out destroyers...
  7. Devildog_627

    Admiral Fletcher’s Flagship

    Looking forward to it!
  8. Devildog_627

    What a dreadnought could do

    Why, are you leaving today?
  9. Devildog_627

    Playstation 4 status update

    Really enjoying the game and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses!
  10. Devildog_627

    Playstation 4 status update

    Glad for the honest communication. I created a Playstation community and am glad to update there, as well as being pleased I haven’t missed an email!
  11. Devildog_627

    First batch of codes has been distributed!

    I’ve been checking email like a maniac. Fingers crossed...
  12. Devildog_627

    WoT console community sign in here

    WoTC player checking in.
  13. Devildog_627

    Introducing the team

    Not a PC gamer but as a naval warfare buff, I found myself often watching WoWS vids online, enjoying them, then lamenting the lack of a console version. I literally yelped when I read about Legends & got my application in immediately. Thanks, Phils!
  14. Devildog_627

    Say hello to the community!

    Pretty stoked to be here!