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  1. RaRe HigHz

    Wouldn't have been easier just to port the PC version of warships?

    I welcome the game with or without mouse and keyboard, what the devs are working on is for this platform. This is a long awaited addition to console, name one single naval ship to ship combat PvP game built just for us (console peasants) Yea i thought so..... Its about time if you ask me, keep up the work devs, its not all complaints. Thank you WG
  2. RaRe HigHz

    Q. On forums, (like comment button)

    Well i was in a off topic post asking where everyone was from and what console they where playing, i liked a least 7 post in 15 minutes. Switched to a new post and tried to like a comment and got a error message. That's the reason i made this post.
  3. RaRe HigHz

    Q. On forums, (like comment button)

    "sorry there was a problem reacting to this post" (just tried on your comment)
  4. RaRe HigHz

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Yes please admiral. Ready to serve at your command
  5. RaRe HigHz

    Q. On forums, (like comment button)

    Im getting a error message, i thought i liked to many to fast 🤷‍♂️
  6. RaRe HigHz

    [EN] General Discussion

    The mighty jingles video is the reason i am here. God bless jingles "even a broken clock is right twice a day"
  7. RaRe HigHz

    Q. On forums, (like comment button)

    Is there a limit to how many times i can use the like comment button? If so what is the limit and what is the time frame for when i can use this feature after the limit is reached?
  8. RaRe HigHz

    Where you from and what platform

    Belfast we made the ship that anchor went on 😊 (the UK works best when working together!)❤
  9. RaRe HigHz

    Where you from and what platform

    Its interesting how captains work on consoles. Watched @ The mighty jingles review on the game and got pretty excited to say the least. It will be cool to see how WG play this version of WOWS out. How will aircraft carriers work when added, after the devs play around on the PC re work. (jingles video reference)
  10. RaRe HigHz

    Where you from and what platform

    Im from Northern Ireland and on xbox. Not in game (YET), you can add me @ RaRe HigHz. Enjoy your game play Captain
  11. RaRe HigHz

    the Download?

    Enjoy it bro. Hopefully see you in game smoe day.
  12. RaRe HigHz

    The wait is all most over.

    I Have been waiting for WOWS on xbox since i got the the chance to try it on a friends PC. Recently watched Jingles review on the WOWSL and got very excited, so at the 1st chance i got i logged in to this site in the hope to play the early build of the game. Hears to the many hours, days, weeks and endless months of game play and enjoyment.... #THEWAITISOVER