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  1. TatarEn_13

    Russian-speaking community

    c'mon guys. Я даже сменил пс4 на пс4 про и вот-вот куплю 4к телик ^^. правда, ремонт еще доделать надо 😕
  2. TatarEn_13

    Where you from and what platform

    Kazan (somewhere in Russia). going to play on PS4. Played on PC as well (alpha, CBT, OBT, supertest) 🙂
  3. TatarEn_13

    Russian-speaking community

    как это? корабли без боли - не корабли!
  4. TatarEn_13

    Russian-speaking community

    Сие есть тайна великая? xD
  5. TatarEn_13

    Russian-speaking community

    А как вы определите? в анкете, емнип, про это ничего не было :/
  6. Only Americans and Japanese will be on the test (it is in FAQ). I believe the same will be in the release.
  7. TatarEn_13

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    I don't think she will be soonish in console version 😞
  8. TatarEn_13

    Does this have the same Dev team as WoT Console?

    This is the same studio as for the PC version
  9. TatarEn_13

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    This one doesn't agree with you both 😛
  10. TatarEn_13

    Russian-speaking community

    Я так понимаю, будет два отдельных сервера для ящика и плойки? И первые тесты будут на ящике, так?
  11. TatarEn_13

    Say hello to the community!

    Hello to the community! (:
  12. Привет, Фил ^^ Hope to see you on closed alpha ;)