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  1. Greywoolfe64

    Premium Ship Suggestion, Predreadnought SMS Schleswig-Holstein

    For family reasons, I'd like to see HMS Tiger as a UK premium ship- she saw service in the battle of Jutland in 1916, and was the ship my grandpa first served on.
  2. Greywoolfe64

    Status update: start of code distribution

    I signed up for the Alpha and I haven't even got any emails about it!
  3. Was one of the first PS4 players to sign up- Waiting expectantly now... Sooo close!
  4. Greywoolfe64

    Official world of warships legends trailer

    Stoked. Gimme the codes!!
  5. Greywoolfe64


  6. Greywoolfe64

    Favorite Ships/Battles

    An interesting topic indeed! I'm more fascinated in the 'what if' scenarios, specifically the British's attempt to relieve Singapore in 1941, which involved a battle group, among which was HMS Repulse, my grandfather's ship that he served on in WW2. The relief came late, as Repulse developed engine trouble and had to stop for repairs, but according to some records, if the engine trouble hadn't occurred, that battle group would have been able to observe and intercept the Japanese carrier force that was on its' way to Pearl Harbor. Who knows how the Pacific theatre, and indeed, the rest of the war would have played out if that force had been successfully destroyed before it reached Pearl?
  7. Greywoolfe64

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    My choice would be this, as I sail into battle in my British battleship...
  8. Greywoolfe64

    More introductions!

    The fact that so many of the PC team are involved in translating this to console, as well as interact with us here, I find quite reassuring, TBH.
  9. Greywoolfe64

    It's cold out there

    That weathered look is absofrickinglutely amazeballs, and I can't wait until this game is out on PS4. Some of the best looking tanks on WOTc have that weathered look- it makes the vehicle look more real.
  10. Greywoolfe64

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Good luck and much fun to those lucky few who already have their codes! I'm one of the PS4 peeps who will have to wait a bit longer before I can join in- still hyped up to the nines, though!
  11. Yes, I put two separate time brackets for my availability, as I work shifts, and those time brackets are the best times for me to play depending which shift I'm on.
  12. Greywoolfe64

    Where you from and what platform

    Kent, UK and playing on PS4.
  13. Greywoolfe64

    The Wishlist

    I would like the ability to choose which server I play on. Most of my clan-mates from WoT console are Stateside, and we would like to form a clan/fleet here if we can. We tried Armored Warfare, but the region lock meant that we couldn't play together, so we don't play that as often. Might not be a big thing with some, but it's a major want for me- if I can't play with my friends, then I won't play- simple as that.
  14. Greywoolfe64

    Introducing the team

    Hello to both Phils! I love WoT console, and I'm a keen military and war history buff, so I'm looking forward to launch, when I can head down the slipway and into battle at long last. I hope eventually that we can play some RN ships, especially HMS Tiger from WW1 (As seen in my avatar), as it's the ship my grandfather served in during that time- either that or HMS repulse, which he served in during WW2.