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  1. CodenameGunther

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    T10 is end game content both on PC and WoT because that's usually where the guns behave the most. Mostly by design, 8 equipment slots on a t10 ship vs 1 or 2 on a t3 ship. Wot best dispersion values are on the high tier stuff. Both are set up to make you want to be there. The only reason most don't is the economy isn't ideal or they prefer the time period ships/tanks of mid tiers. Play more coop, none of the long range crap. It's a race for xp. The main problems I have is they haven't streamlined the upgrade path per ship " hull first, then engine then range if battleship" and then they are completely lengthening the grind to be fully upgraded on every single ship. The reason stated is "so you have something to work towards" the entire time. I'm working for the next ship, I don't want to spend over 60% of that grind partially upgraded. Which goes back to first issue when the upgrade I really want is the last one. The commanders just need access to key skills quicker. Destroyers need last stand, battleships need expert marksman. With them spawning closer concealment expert would be a good choice too. Or having them immediately be full speed since destroyers get Torps loaded automatically.
  2. CodenameGunther

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    I'll believe they think its better when I see any of them stop streaming pc version and switch to "casual now" console version full time. Not just a video or two of it. I'd rather have the "complicated" version of progression and capt skills and be involved in the community explaining them through videos and guides. Something WG should already be preparing as well.
  3. CodenameGunther

    Just watched Jingles' WoWS Legends video and I have questions

    You're not wrong on the package/single line system. It's a travesty for multiple reasons that I will go over in a video/big post. I had hoped to at least streamline upgrades into the most efficient path but never could get that ball rolling. Radios didn't cost xp on WoT Console btw. Most of the swaps for premium ships are all at the lower tier and there are some definite upgrades among them. Ishizuchi is a lot more enjoyable than the Myogi for instance. PC games are 12v12 btw.
  4. CodenameGunther

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Hopefully something we can feedback on,or map our own controls.
  5. CodenameGunther

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Package system. Arty 😛
  6. I'm excited to try it out,wife been hogging the laptop due to an internship.