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    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    Welcome Mate
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    Your new Community Manager FR/ENG for Legends

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    Say hello to the community!

    Hey guys been playing wows PC since 2016! Amazing idea and game. Was waiting for a console version since the start i even Asked Mr. Conway about it, and started a thread too. Finally its here, i signed up for Alpha, really excited to play it on PS4, Sad that it comes later on Ps4 than Xbox
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    Intro FAQ

    Hey big phil I have been playing wows pc for 2 years, I had some questions for legends: 1. Will legends recieve updates that are similar to PC or different and how long is the timespan between each update? 2. The new gen console have great raw power, will you guys have better graphics and physics than PC or are the graphics same? 3. Will you and sub Octavian overlook wows legends development just like wows PC or will there be a different dev team? Also will you later add ships up to tier x or is vii final?