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    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Ok i think i can see what you mean, wish i could have some hands on with it to see for myself how it actually is.

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    thats pretty much the current system that they have on PC and they do want to move away from that upgrade scheme it seems.

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    I agree with the system you are on about and would like something along those line but from what i can tell there isnt a system like that right now and will take time to implement if they do decide to have said system, but i feel like it would be unlikely that it would be brought into the game.

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    the only problem whith trying to compare it to a game like gran turismo is that GT has been on consoles from PS1 and has built a huge base from the early 90s and WoT had just turned 5 so its hard to compare succesfull-ness with complexity with games that have always been on console. that being said I do stand by that it is nowhere as hard to set a tank up how you want as you say, I have play both pc and console for many years and it is not as fun to upgrade on console but you can set up a tank to how you prefer to play they do have packages that have different variations of the tank set up across their individual upgrade trees. I understand what you are saying and agree is not as easy but it is possible. hopefully we have a bit more freedom with WoWL.

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    I can see peoples frustration with the packages and such and the progression on WoWL is different, but the whole point of trying to limit the number of steps was to help the people who have never played a wargaming game before. It was poorly done but it doesnt limit you as much as people make it out to be, it was hard to change my view of the tech tree after playing on PC for years prior but just but looking at what each package has in it its easy to set up a tank to what you want. I am not defending the packages as they are just poor but all people need to do is read what is in them to use them effectively.

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    i thought the progression would be streamlined like WoTC and the UI is pretty clean the only problem i have is that the silhouette of the ship on the white background with such a thin line is hard on the eyes, it could just be because its a screen shot. maybe a slight pallet change. still a WIP so could change i suppose.

    First batch of codes has been distributed!

    congrats to all that got in and make sure you all do a good job for the rest of us.

    Status update: start of code distribution

    you have missed this round of tests by a few weeks. there will be more in the future, you just have to be patient.

    Status update: start of code distribution

    this is all very exciting, i do hope to get in. Good luck to all.
  10. I think you have missed it for Alpha testing but there is still the closed beta and open beta. so you still have a chance to get your hands on it early.
  11. BORNTOKILL2001

    Legends and you

    very well said, hopefully many keep this in mind.
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    Intro FAQ

    Ah fair enough
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    The Beginner's Guide

    PS plus is not needed
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    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    Angry smoke-screen