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  1. Bravoinf

    Vienna Game City 19.10. - 21.10.2018

    could have sworn it has been told in October could be wrong if so correct me
  2. Bravoinf

    Breaking the waves

    cant wait
  3. Bravoinf

    Alpha status update

    they either don't realize they did it or they just want to see how many people could you it for not so good things either way they may want to take it down
  4. join the club but don't think any PS4 emails have gone out yet
  5. I hope my experience with Alpha and Beta testing for EA,Dice,Origin,Steam and UBI and the US Army and Microsoft would and will come in hand for the PS3 PS4 and the PC from windows 98 to the modern windows 10 but even if I don't make the cut I cant wait for this game to make it for full release and lets all have fun helping this game be the best to be released on the XBOX and PS4
  6. Bravoinf

    Alpha status update

    I have two cats one is evil as hell the other is nice as can be but wouldn't trade either for a million dollars.
  7. That would be crazy if they did that. But for some reason I don't think tat will happen but I can not wait kinda impatient. Its like when you were a kid during Christmas time and you couldn't wait to open your gifts so you drove yourself crazy anticipation
  8. I keep playing World of Warships PC anticipating what Legends is going to be like hopefully my time testing for EA/Dice and UBI and Microsoft can come in handy
  9. Bravoinf

    Introducing the team

    I love the PC World of War Ships and cannot wait to see whats next for the PS4 so keep up the great job