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  1. Badfaith PRIEST

    Alpha status update

    another Monday is over and another day closer to possibly playing a ship rather than a tank.
  2. Badfaith PRIEST

    Alpha status update

    well two more weeks wont bother me, just a paycheck away. My time and money await, lol.
  3. I am a patient person and will be humbled to accept, with the greatest responsiblity, my invite to the Alpha wave.
  4. Badfaith PRIEST

    How many is too many?

    What do you believe the cut off should be for how many are allowed into Alpha?
  5. Badfaith PRIEST

    Community Contributors

    I hope I do too, I need something that is new to compliment tanks and mabey if they rectify planes, that too. I am a whale for WG. Money I can say was well spent.
  6. Badfaith PRIEST

    Community Contributors

    I just want to play what is marketed and let WG decide their course of action. While CCs are a valid form of info and entertainment, it also takes a rank of commitment I cant give. I would love to do it, but being an engineer has its drawbacks as far as gaming goes. So I will will do the same thing I did in WoT Beta, comment on what I see to the devs and that will be my payment for allowing me to play early. Really I would spend real money now based off the PC model and the Tanks console, which believe me WG has made thousands off of my entertainment fund. My wife doesnt even know how much I have invested in these two titles, possibly would end my marriage. LOL, well that really isnt a good thing. I just want to play the game and spend my money before I die, too old to hold a controller and to understand what I am seeing.
  7. Badfaith PRIEST

    English Speaking Community

    I need this game, other games excuse at an attempt to naval vessels are narrow at best. W ith WG you get a variety even at the beta level that crushes most if not all the compitition.
  8. Badfaith PRIEST

    English Speaking Community

    I do hope we have learned from the Tanks forums and keep this chapter less dramatic.
  9. Badfaith PRIEST

    English Speaking Community

    I guess July is the new beginning, just so SOON?
  10. Badfaith PRIEST

    Introducing the team

    I am happy to see WG taking it to the next level with their Naval arsenal. I expect great things for the future as this title unfolds in the realm of the console. Thank you developers for putting in the time and delivering what should be a comparable product to an already stellar Tank cataloge.