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  1. Soldier09V5

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    Original, and then the Remix they did as part of a free community update.
  2. Soldier09V5

    Any News on PS4 Codes

    copy paste from discord announcements. Philigula Last Tuesday at 02:36 (August 28th 2018) @everyone PS4 status update Legends and gentlemen! It is without joy or sorrow that we bring you this update, but in essence PS Alpha is not going to start now, and it moves to the beginning of October. We don't have a delay in development, but rather decided to bring you the more polished product with many a bug already taken care of even at the alpha stage. Development for PlayStation goes pretty much hand in hand with the Xbox process with some caveats. That said, the version PS testers will see is going to be identically updated to its Xbox counterpart, and leave you with a smaller "Known issues" list than we would have otherwise. So please stay put, we're getting closer and basically in a month you should be able to start turning the tide on your Playstation consoles!
  3. Soldier09V5

    (Un)friendly fire

    i guess i'll re-post a TLDR of my response to this news then. 1. - if someone wants to be an asshole and grief, they will find a way. removing friendly fire won't stop the trolls. 2. - friendly fire stat tracking and banning is much easier then trying to track other various ways of griefing (such as pushing and beaching team mates) 3. - team damage reflection from PC works great, why can't we have that here? except it didn't, the trolls started pushing people out of cover, pushing scouts out of bushes, over cliffs, drowning team mates, blocking movement, i can go on.
  4. Soldier09V5

    Alpha status update

    not everyone uses discord regularly. FeelsBadMan.
  5. Soldier09V5

    Alpha status update

    as multiple people have stated previously, sign ups are closed. keep an eye out for announcements and you may get lucky.
  6. Soldier09V5

    Playstadion 4 Alpha Key

    sign ups are closed. keep an eye on announcements and you may get lucky.
  7. Soldier09V5

    WOW-PC Help

    also, like the Missouri, Musashi can be removed. its exclusive 😮
  8. Soldier09V5

    WOW-PC Help

    i suggest that you save that coal for musashi
  9. Soldier09V5


    unless Montana is gone because it was a paper ship.
  10. Soldier09V5


    Sign ups are closed, keep an eye on announcements to see if they do a 2nd wave. T7 is the top tier incase you have forgotten.
  11. Soldier09V5

    First batch of codes has been distributed!

    when can we get an ETA on a 2nd wave?
  12. Soldier09V5

    Two questions for all of you

    1) Spyro or Crash bandicoot on PS1, nothing has taught me how to have patience or problem solving as a kid until i played these. 2) Battlefield 2142, when i decided to ignore my dad and secretly downloaded and installed the update that enables online play.
  13. Soldier09V5

    Status update: start of code distribution

    sign ups are over, keep an eye on announcements forum to see if they have a round 2.
  14. Soldier09V5

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    did you know, that if you play glorious Soviet anthem, you are protected by the will of Stalin?
  15. Soldier09V5

    Can we still sign up as a Ps4 alpha tester?

    as far as i know, sign ups ended.