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  1. This is Mesabi Miner. She's 1,004 feet in length with a beam of 105 feet, seen here on approach to and traversing the canal into Duluth Harbor. The following day we also saw the Queen of the Lakes, Paul R. Tregurtha, currently the largest vessel on the Great Lakes at 1,013 feet. They're so large that they're unable to use the Welland locks that lead to the Saint Lawrence seaway, and thus, never leave the Great Lakes. Seeing them in operation is truly a staggering sight to behold.
  2. RagingxMarmoset

    WOW-PC Help

    Nice match, dude. Clemson is widely regarded as a Seal Clubbers Delight. I've yet to play a match in a destroyer, though.
  3. RagingxMarmoset

    Premium poll

    I selected don't know for all. I spent decent used car money on WoT console, I'm getting to that point on PC Botes, but I'll have to see what the release version looks like before I commit to some hot, hot wallet action.
  4. RagingxMarmoset

    My quote feature gone..

  5. RagingxMarmoset

    If Sony enables cross-platform play

    That'd be awesome. There's no excuse other than Microsoft/Sony greed not to let gamers engage with each other across their preferred platforms.
  6. RagingxMarmoset

    Invite please

    Sony is much more difficult for developers to work with.
  7. They've said nothing from PC carries over. It's a totally different platform so that makes some sense. Signups for alpha testing are closed for now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it open up again as testing needs expand.
  8. RagingxMarmoset

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Signups are closed right now. Discord link is at the top right of the page. Like way up top.
  9. RagingxMarmoset

    Invite please

    NDA is super tight for alpha testing. Probably no videos until beta with approved CCs.
  10. RagingxMarmoset

    Invite please

    You should take your email out of there. This is a public forum and I hate to see you get a bunch of spam or worse.
  11. RagingxMarmoset

    Best game ever

    I definitely took a shine to the PC version. I think its WG's best effort to date.
  12. RagingxMarmoset

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Sounds like that's a few weeks out. Seems to be more of a Sony issue than a WG thing.
  13. I think they closed the applications for now, but it sounds like it will be reopened in the not so distant future.
  14. They did say that 360 support is not included.
  15. RagingxMarmoset

    WoWs general poll part 4

    Why are your polls missing the most important option?