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  1. Angel0fDeathX

    Status update: start of code distribution

    want to say an early congratulations to those that get coded first but to everyone here I hope we all get in so we can help make this game awesome good luck everyone and I hope to see you soon
  2. for the alpha test it only going to be the USN and IJN battleship, cruisers, and destroyers Carriers wont be part of the game till they get the rework but we know more about what going to be in the full release in beta testing and moving closer to full release however if you have more question as to the alpha they have a FAQ for it on the main page 🙂 i hope u get an invite
  3. did any get anything after the survey I'm just wondering incase I needed to go back and redo mine
  4. I cant wait I really hope I get picked for the alpha I'll be playing this non stop no matter what