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    A sea of opportunities

    Don't mind me, I'm just checking the forum every now and then but don't worry I'm patiently waiting to see if they start the codes again after that I'll be checking my email frequently. It sounds like impatience or an obsession but honestly I'm just seeing if I get picked or not, the game looks great and I like that they're sharing pictures with us, that being said, congratulations to the few who are actually participating & making sure the game gets the green light for beta or full release, it's a big responsibility and you should feel proud for forwarding the efforts of this team of developers!

    Status update: start of code distribution

    It's too early...

    Status update: start of code distribution

    What does "boop" mean & can I attach it to a ship?

    Alpha status update

    @Philigula Will the ships be fish compatible?

    Going big.

    For full release? Alpha, beta?

    Alpha status update

    I have two black cats who're brothers from the same mother but one was born 2 months after the other & they have different dads, One takes more after his mother, a natural hunter & overall tom cat but he still comes in alot to get his share of family love & affection, he's mostly sleeping or eating his food but he'll play when he feels like swiping a string, We call him Clyde & he's the older brother, The other one is fluffy & is very nice & playful & he loves us alot, he gets it from is dad who was a stray but his dad was very welcoming & nice, Unfortunately his dad had an accident which was sad but I thank him for giving us Oreo (the fluffy one & younger brother to Clyde), Both are 3 years old and about to turn 4. I love them to death, I just wish their brothers & sisters were still with us from the two litters their mother had, they went missing while they were kittens in a few weeks, we believe the local people took them but we also fear they were subjected to the local wild life which isn't a pleasant thought... This was a long time ago but I have great compassion for those kitties & I only hope that they're living a good life or resting in peace.

    Alpha status update

    I may be in, I may not, who's to say? I'd like to keep hope but I'm also not going to get disappointed or upset if I'm not picked, Would be great if I did, wishful thinking on my part. Now I think it's time for a sea shanty...

    Time to break the ice...

    I love the cold, I've actually gone to sleep in deep snow before (with winter clothes of course). Time for an ice cold sea shanty lol!

    Going big.

    There's just something amazing about a WWII battleship crossing the waters while the sun rises. It's quite the looker!
  10. 4th of july launch of testing? Would be cool but as long as you allow us to play test withen july I'll be happy

    More introductions!

    I'm just wondering when the ship starts sailing, I'm currently sitting on the p00p deck contemplating the future. Will I return to my girl after the war? I don't know but the sea & it's great battles through Tidal-Waves are what I foresee.
  12. I'm a patient man but I must admit it's been long time coming and I even had my doubts But I'm amazed that I'll finally get to play a proper battle ship game on console & with such details, there's not alot of those on our platform let alone note worthy one's. I await the upcoming chance to play it and hopefully I get to command battle ships of the Kriegsmarine! After 4 years of playing World of Tanks I can finally put that aside for something better! (3 years really, after that I just played off and on with my clanmates, I'm pretty tired of playing WoT lol! But WoWs is going to have my undivided attention.)