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  1. Chris713

    Intro FAQ

    do you know if there are sigs for the different platforms? Xbox/ Ps4 and where I can find them if there are are the Xbox Servers back up yet?
  2. Chris713

    Intro FAQ

    yeah very true, its seem they cant make up their minds on cross play!!!
  3. Chris713

    Intro FAQ

    Question: Now that the President Of Sony came out the other day at DICE and said that Sony is allowing cross play its up to the Developers to ask Sony to allow cross play so will you be doing cross play against Xbox players because we know Microsoft has already stated they will allow it?
  4. Got my code today. Where do you get the NDA ?
  5. A code for my birthday would be amazing.
  6. Chris713

    Time to break the ice...

    I have an X so I would expect it to look the best.
  7. Chris713

    Time to break the ice...

    What system is this screen shot from? Xbox one S or X or PS4 or Pro.
  8. Chris713

    Alpha status update

    Checking every day to see if I made it but nothing yet. Hopefully it works well with controller support.
  9. yeah checking all the time......still nothing my xbox one X is waiting for some Warship love.