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  1. cydewaze

    It's a date!

    We could always make our own forum. It just wouldn't be official and wouldn't have WG staff moderating it.
  2. cydewaze

    Gameplay observations and Questions....

    I was in my Fuso and thought I was a goner when I DD swept in beside me while my main turrets were pointed the other way, but he was on low health, so my secondaries took him out before he could launch. I find the game very well balanced so far. And I love the game too!
  3. cydewaze

    Premium Time

    Ah, that makes sense now. Maybe the way to keep everyone happy is have a 2-week period after launch where people who've purchased premium time in WOT get a % discount on that same amount of premium time for this game. Like, I bought a year of premium for WOT, so maybe I'd get 20% off a year of premium for this game. Or maybe that's too difficult to track.
  4. cydewaze

    Future communication

    I understand not wanting to have yet another resource to manage and police, but since WoWS PC already has a forum, how about just creating a subsection of that forum for the console game? It could cross-promote the console version to the PC people (they could see how much cooler our game is, haha) and it wouldn't be an extra forum to keep track of. You just have the mods from this forum be mods on the console section of that one and Bob's your uncle!
  5. cydewaze

    Future communication

    Nah, they buy a site list from a 3rd party vendor and apply it as-is and forget about it. Small forums never make the list, only big things like reddit, tumblr, 4chan, etc. But oddly slashdot remains available. Originally they blocked Facebook and Youtube, then send an all-employee email linking us to the latest video posted to our office Youtube account. No one could view it, lol. During that time while running link checks on the website (which I manage), I'd get errors on the FB and Youtube links in our headers, because they were both blocked, so I had to add an ignore for them in the rules. Eventually they realized the mistake and unblocked those.
  6. cydewaze

    Future communication

    aaaand it looks like our office firewall blocks reddit anyway, so I'll be stuck squinting at a phone on top of it, lol.
  7. cydewaze

    Future communication

    Eh, this is a weird decision. The WOT forum is quite busy, and I figure this one would be too once the game is public. Discord is very clunky to me, so while I'll read it for updates, I probably won't actively post. I did make a reddit account for this, but I probably won't post there much either. And there won't be any way to link the reddit username to the WG profile, so that option is lost. Forums are more familiar to me, and a lot easier to deal with. Oh well.
  8. Me too! I'm having serious withdrawals! I've actually been watching the two Youtube game clips I made to get a fix. Is in the 16th yet?
  9. cydewaze

    Torpedo reload time?

    When playing as a cruiser or DD, I'll often launch torps, then switch to guns. While in gun mode, I couldn't find anything that showed my torpedo reload status. The only thing I could do was switch back to torpedo mode and try to fire, at which point I'd get the reloading notice. Was I missing something? If not, it would be nice to have the torpedo launcher icon (bottom right) change color and have a similar timer to the repair reload timer (where it "fills up" as the time counts down). It I was missing it, where is it, so I can look once the game launches.
  10. cydewaze


    All good points and agreed with. I'd also like the minimap to be a bit better, and maybe have a zoom feature when holding down the select button, like in WOT console, or even a swap to a more localized compass map. I find myself ignoring the minimap because it becomes a little useless in close quarters battle. I know many people dislike the compass map in WOT, but I think in this game, having a zoomed in local map that's always oriented with the direction of your ship would be a huge help. It could also show nearby islands as well as ships.
  11. cydewaze

    Gameplay observations and Questions....

    My biggest problem with BBs against DDs was when they came from the side my turrets weren't facing. I've mitigated this a little to putting my non-shooting side against an island whenever I can, and that not only keeps torp runs away from that side, but it also shields the ship from gun fire. The drawback is that it limits your turning ability (running aground can leave you a sitting duck) but otherwise it's seemed to help. For me the trick to BBS is to choose which side you want your guns to point, and playing so that everything is on that side if possible. Also, sometimes turning the ship to supplement the turret rotation helps get guns on target. I rather like playing all the classes. I might like the cruisers the best because it seems to be the best of both worlds. In one of my last games yesterday, I had a game in what I think was the Kuma, and I had almost as much damage as my best BB game.
  12. cydewaze

    Commander Levels

    Yeah, lots of color contrast issues here. I do a lot of website accessibility work, and a lot of this interface would fail the color contrast test. Which means that some potential players won't be able to play the game effectively. It's something that needs work.
  13. cydewaze

    Wazzup WoWS ! (from a tanker)

    Yeah, for sure we need a post-game results screen showing how everyone did. It's nice to know how you placed in the team, or in my case, whether or not I outplayed any of the bots, lol. There's not much to fix though. I think after a few updates, we'll have a really solid game.
  14. cydewaze

    Ship Secondary Guns

    At tier 4 the secondaries on my Kongo are brutal at close range. I've already gotten a couple sunk by them. I haven't made it past tier 4 yet, so I can't tell you beyond that, but I had a game with something like 44 hits with my main guns and 67 hits by the secondaries. They're like auto XP!
  15. cydewaze

    Love it

    I think it'll take a while for people to figure out how to work together. Destroyers laying smoke and supporting the BBs. But yeah, I've never had so much fun playing a game, not that I've played that many, but still.