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    Gamer Tag = raz0rsharp There needs to be a pan out view when driving the ship. Currently the only view is directly behind the stacks which limits visibly considerably. Perhaps have the ability to define your preferred view point as with other WG games. Left bumper lock view really does not give you much of anything useful. Lock view should operate as it does on the PC version and like WoT Console. Look all around from a first person view, not a semi birds eye view. Why is there no post battle results screen as there is in every other Wargaming game? Changing ammo type would be better if it operated similarly to other WG games: Select new ammo type and it loads AFTER the currently selected ammo is expended. Currently you change ammo type and it instantly re-starts the reload timer. You effectively lose a whole shot. Overall the game is fun and well polished. Personally the single biggest annoyance and long term deal breaker are the view point options. I need to be able to look side to side and behind me without turning my turrets.
  2. Rick Stenson

    Premium time and ship purchase during beta

    Premium Items in Beta - this makes no sense at all. There is a free collection of items that includes 30 Days of Premium. What is the point of 'giving away' or pretending to give away items like this? Thoroughly confuses the issue. There in nothing in shop that indicates the items are only for this weekend only. Doesn't WG realize that they are going to get inundated with "WTF! Where is my stuff?" questions?
  3. Rick Stenson

    News on the next testing?

    They should open their historical index of people that have requested access and notice those of us that were part of the original WoT alpha/beta testing on Xbox. We obviously have experience testing a new WG product. 🙂
  4. Rick Stenson

    Premium time

    I would be happy if the console versions had the same type of system they now have on the PC: 50% multiplier for Premium Shared across both WoWS & WoT 65% multiplier for WoWS only Premium.