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  1. Raijin_Ryu

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Too bad, because "anime" and such stuff is unavoidable. Kids (majority of players) want from games simplistic, easy to understand gameplay and lot of flashy-cool-hype things (Fortnites succes formula). Thats why WoT on consoles has turned into clown fiesta called "mercenaries". Deal with it.
  2. Raijin_Ryu

    It's a date!

    Any rewards for beta weekend participants, like last time?
  3. 3 month of waiting for nothing, nice. My bad luck strikes again.
  4. Raijin_Ryu

    Supertest mailout

    Got one too. I was wondering what does "ST" mean and what are all those ships, never heard of them being in game, lol.