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  1. Starshoy

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    I'd say in WOWS Blitz it is simple and still a bit better than just linear. You have fixed XP to next ship, but you can independently improve (or not) subsystems, like hull, main guns, torpedoes etc - depending on ship class. Ability to upgrade subsystems used to be based on semi-random "blueprints", given as rewards, but since today's update (1.6) it is primarily silver based. I am all for streamlining, for instance I prefer WOTC commanders over PC crew members, but linearity is not streamlining it is elimination of choice. Even WOTC has non-linear branches. Effectively it is a creation of sub-tiers where Fubuki V.1 is worse than Fubuki V.2 in every aspect, etc. One thing I can say for it, it is kind of more historical, but then, the same can be said about WOTC packages.
  2. Starshoy

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Potentially changes in tiers can make battles more chronologically correct, division to dreadnought and WWII era, and description of tier I as a turn of centuries cruisers can be interpreted this way. Which also leaves an option of tiers VIII-X for a future expansion. Whether it would be good or bad, I have no idea, deviation from existing database with it's tested on PC balance is risky, but also interesting.
  3. Starshoy

    How many is too many?

    I don’t want to comment on how it was used, but it did detect a lot of bugs and problems.
  4. Starshoy

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    I wrote that it is much easier for griefer to become "a victim" of FF if he wants. Should I still explain how, or it is obvious?
  5. Starshoy

    How many is too many?

    By WOTC Supertest experience, there is no such thing as too many. Test sessions are not life game and assembling enough of people for full sized battle was virtually impossible, test server population was always a problem. So while offline elements, like UI or AI scenarios were easy to test, main gameplay was not. Besides, when it becomes a duty, and you have to spend a few hours every week, writing mandatory reports, etc, attrition in Supetesters ranks becomes enormous - and supertesters were, after all, selected among huge population of life game and were generally of somewhat higher quality than alpha test can hope for.
  6. Starshoy

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    I don't think FF will work. Griefers are quite inventive, and if FF is punishable, they will enjoy being victims of FF, which is easier to do in WoWs than WoT. Even in WoTc with complete elimination of FF pink tanks were introduced because if you cannot kill your teammates with fire, you can drown them etc. WoWs blitz does not have FF and works great. As a purist I would prefer FF, but let us not forget, that with all historical flavour, WG games are not simulators.
  7. Starshoy

    Intro FAQ

    That's brave and interesting decision. Unlike other game mechanics, balance of ships, guns, armor etc is precise engine which is not easy to maintain independently. Among other things, balance is always changing in WG games because by very nature, games depend on introduction of new branches and new units require new balance. As an example WoTC had several independent mechanics, for instance crews are very different, etc - but they followed all or most PC balancing patches, moving tanks in tiers etc as soon as they were introducing new branches.
  8. Starshoy

    Where you from and what platform

    Toronto, Xbox One X
  9. Starshoy

    Russian-speaking community

    Всем привет. Последний год буквально каждую неделю делал запрос на тему WoWS Console, и дождался-таки. 🙂
  10. Starshoy

    Introducing the team

    Was waiting for it since my heavy involvement in WoT XBox. Playing WoWS Blitz now but always wanted my favorite game on my favorite platform. Being made in my favorite city is a benefit 🙂