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    The stream on Monday showed the current stage of Alpha test, the Japanese BB line only goes up to the Nagato, in fact the two nations (Japan and America) only reach tier 7 but, specifically in the case of the Americans, ships from outside of that range by PC standards are in play namely the Iowa and Fletcher. They haven't said either which way whether the higher tiers will be added, but I speculate that this is to make sure the game is working at all tiers.
  2. EternalAutotaku

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    Tell me that you are planning on colouring the hit counters, I thought they were in the same locations as PC version but I really had to strain my eyes to make sure. Just some colour to make them pop is all they need, they look chunky enough.
  3. EternalAutotaku

    Die Hard: Nagato

    She is pretty. Still want an Izumo more, I feel that is a very niche opinion though which makes me sad... just cus she is different doesn't mean she is bad, just means she is unique and you should treat her as such.
  4. EternalAutotaku

    Team up!

    @T33kanne But, and this is the crux of my original question, what is the least punishing class to play when you make a mistake. We must assume that a new player, a newb (not to be confused with a noob), will make mistakes... often grave ones... so it is a question of what is the hardest to make a mistake in and what can recover from a mistake the best. You mention that CCs, particularly CLs, are heavily punished for taking the wrong engagement or mayhaps even taking an engagement wrong so I, from a outside perspective, would say that a cruiser is probably not going to be as fun initially as someone may not have the tactical knowledge required to maximise the advantages of the class. By all means, I am NOT saying that new players should NOT play cruisers if they like them; hell, if they enjoy them, they will probably see much success in them. I can attest to this in WoT as I highly enjoyed the British, my first nation, and was rather successful in them by all metrics (if I could have found a way to show my stats from the 3rd/4th month after WoT Console released I would have put them here, but I can tell you that tanks that I have only used while grinding out the nation are reading Light Blue to Dark Blue WN8 stats) but I would not recommend them as a good starting point as they are punishing if you play them against their strengths, particularly in the mid tiers. Applying the same logic as WoT I, initially, thought that the HT of the game (BBs) but as you say, while the capacity for tanking is immense, a DD will always win a 1v1 with a BB because of the great equaliser - Torpedoes. Equally problematic for BBs is how easy it is to punish poor awareness, not just with the Torpedoes but with AP citadel hits. Lets be fair, you're gonna wanna swing your back end out to get all the guns firing if you don't know any better and 3...2...1..... blat, you're now down to 1/4 of your health cus you wanted to hit a broadsiding cruiser. So, as I say, this made me wonder what would be the better diving in point as it were. I personally have arrived at the conclusion of DDs being a better choice for new players; the combination of stealth, speed, utility and the sting in the tail means that there is always an option for a new player to take. They can make a mistake and have multiple unique tools at their disposal to try to get out of the situation. Of course, this is completely game is completely unlike WoT but I feel like a more solid answer to this will help get new players to stay longer; they have a easier platform to ease themselves into the game, a platform where they have the time to make tactical decisions and observe battles develop.
  5. EternalAutotaku

    Team up!

    Couple of comments in here down the line of "I started on X line" so I would like to throw this out here. What line/nation would you recommend to new players as their jumping off point? Take WoT as an example. You'll see vids and posts saying that, if you are new, go for the IS-7 line. The reasons are usually four fold; they are heavies so you have the hit point and armour buffer to make the mistakes you are going to make as a new player, they are pretty mobile so you can be a little late to react to stuff and still get there on time, the guns are large and hit hard so you don't have to worry about exposure just roll out-derp-retreat-reload-repeat and, finally, they are generally consistent in the play style and are easy to live with (obviously you get the change from standard to pike nosed which is a lil bit of a throw off but nothing much changes). Personally I recommend the IS-4 line, with the expression of the ST-I/1 will be a pain to stock grind but, you will have a more consistent optimal play-style through the line as the line is tougher throughout compared to the sister line. I'd, at minimum, recommend a new player pick a HT line in WoT cus at least having the HP buffer is gonna pay dividends. But, here is the thing I have thought of after much consideration, I don't think the same logic applies to WoWS as yes the BBs do have the HP buffer (and the heal) but torpedoes exist... and citadels exist... you really don't have the room to make mistakes in BBs the same way as you do in HTs cus you are just so much more slow to react to changes and the punishments are so much greater (see any DD game play salvoing BBs with torpedoes and getting consistent devastating strikes or BBs getting multi citadel salvos or even cruisers ripping apart close range broadside BBs) So, I considered CCs, but they can suffer the same problems as BBs but don't even have the HP buffer or the heal at first. Yeah they are more flexible and react better but the lack of any real speciality makes them vulnerable. With CVs there is a LOT going on at once and you really need to be aware of everything so it would be very overwhelming to a new player so that is also out. That leaves DDs and I think, genuinely, that's probably a good thing. There is only really one ship DDs have to worry about consistently, and that is other DDs, anything else can just be kited away from. They have lots of stuff going for them; the big equaliser torpedoes, the ability to get closer than any other ship, the ability to move faster than any other ship, they resist the damage they take better (yes I know they have no armour to bounce but that is also no armour to fuse shells) and they have the tactical advantage of the smoke screen which, at the barest minimum, is a great way to turn tail and flee from an unfavourable situation. As such, I think I'd recommend DDs to new players.... maybe the British CCs at a push cus the smoke screen is valuable. But, I wanna throw this in here so others can level in. What do you lot think, am I off my rocker and CVs are a newbs best friend, or maybe the inherent flexibility of CCs makes them a powerhouse in the hands of new player, or maybe good old cyka blat BB firepower and not giving a damn is the way to start your WoWS story? Would love to hear any opinions and other points of view.
  6. EternalAutotaku

    Breaking the waves

    See, I would have thought the "bunching up thing" would've applied but in WoTC it just hasn't. Any day of the week, even this long into the games life, you see most people around 5-7 bracket. The player base up at the high tiers has been slowly increasing as, let's be frank, people slowly but surely grind their faces against the brick wall of progression but still the 5-7 bracket sees the majority of the action and the sudden drop out you see at certain points of the day on any server is usually just down to time. Euro server, for example, dies at around 1AM GMT consistently and anyone who plays at that time generally knows or has vague awareness of every other player. But we also know that, at the very least testing is being done with this setup, the game will probably launch with Japan and America fleshed out sans carriers, Jap gunboat DDs and American CLs (Light/152mm Cruisers). In a up to tier 10 state this would be less but still comparable to the state WoTC entered full release, but with the removal of *counts it up* 3 DDs, 3 CCs and 3 BBs, times 2... 18 ships.... jesus that's two bloody tech trees. Now I still worry that content is going to be very light, unless they plan on releasing the extra ships a few months after launch like they did with British mediums (rest in piece dearly departed FV4202, your reign was short bright and beautiful T_T) but then you get all kinds of problems; just look at WoT PC when a new shiny tank or line is rolled out, stuff going everywhere, tanks shifting around, random extra vehicles appearing in your garage, mass confusion, cats and dogs living together.
  7. EternalAutotaku

    Breaking the waves

    With the expansion of lines going on on the PC, Jap gunboat DDs and American CL lines, do we really need new lines being made out of older material. Seems kind of short sighted if that is the case, just my initial thought. Could risk people "finishing" the game too fast; like I personally, on WoTC, want all the tier 10s (regardless of how much I detest the Jap heavies) and still after 4 years, not always playing but racking up the equivalent of 154 days, still haven't attained that goal.. been bouncing around the new content.. if they don't want the player base for this drying up, ha pun in the context of a naval game, too fast you need that balance of available content and anticipated content, not sure that tier 7 cap is gonna fulfil that but we shall have to see.
  8. EternalAutotaku

    Breaking the waves

    Wait, Fletcher... tier 9... nani-tf, I remember being miffed and disappointed that the lines were only going to tier 7. Or was there some miscommunication and it was the current testing stage only involving up to tier 7. Also, if we are pinup-ing the tier 9s can we get a shot of my most anticipated ship the IJN Izumo being her gorgeous self ;D
  9. So, wait, no *pauses and clears throat* UUCHUU SENKAN YAAA-MAAAA-TOOOOO *clears throat* well that is highly disappointing and very underwhelming. Screw that, no Des Memes and no Wall of Skillikaze!!!!?? What foul heiracy is this.
  10. I wanna know what the test will include and what state the Devs are looking to release the game to the public, using the PC version as the "full" product (I understand that it is a WG title and is therefore an evolving and constantly moving end post, but it is an end post and something we can use as a measure). Are we gonna be seeing the console version released as PC released; American and Japanese cruiser lines complete but only American carriers and Japanese battleships. Or are we seeing the whole shebang, all nations and all lines. I don't expect the latter cus that would be a tall order to port in the stats for ships that aren't even on the public PC version but there is time between now and the 2019 release I have heard floated around.