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  1. Embeddeddeer97

    Hello there 👋🏼

    Like I said, if NDA allows. Which isn’t much
  2. Embeddeddeer97

    Hello there 👋🏼

    Hello WoWs Legends growing community, I am Embeddeddeer97 Xbox alpha tester. I figured for those not currently in alpha testing or for those in the future as the developers deal with more community and a bigger game they will be forced to spend less time answering questions. So as the community asks questions and if the NDA allows I will try to answer questions to the best of my ability NDA allowing. A little about myself: I beta test multiple games making WoWs Legends my first alpha test game. I play WoWs PC and I’m currently on the grind for the North Carolina. I am an amateur naval historian that focuses mainly on American Ships, hence why you will see me on any game using American vehicles. My favorite time in American naval history is the pre world war 2 time with the Standard classes of battleships, Arizona being my favorite. So to sum this short thing up, feel free to ask me questions or add me on xbox, I’ll answer if NDA allows me to and I’ll try to get on to div up, I’ll be playing the american ships 😁