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  1. Kituneki

    Die Hard: Nagato

    well that's if and when it gets released, no real confirmation on that one yet
  2. Kituneki

    Die Hard: Nagato

    that's a crying shame, such a beautiful ship deserved to be preserved, but I guess in history that is probably the ultimate definition of friendly fire, guess that's the fate of humanity so to speak, treat things for granted, cant be helped mean its like the Nevada battleship the americans had, kinda crazy (and scary) how that ship actually survived its nuclear blast test btw fun fact nagato was also the flagship for admiral isoroku yamamoto during the attack on pearl harbour
  3. Kituneki

    Kongo Class Predecessor

    ishi is probably one of the most well balanced low tier battleships, its pretty tanky, handy in a slug fest (providing you can get that close of course) I got this ship in a super container on the PC I generally take it out for the lulz but I happily have it on display in my vast and ever growing collection, that's a significant difference between tanks and warships, you can feel proud about your collection of ships, gonna make me groan when or if they bring out nikolai on this
  4. Kituneki

    Best theme song to go to battle with?

    ive got many personal choices, this is probably one of my favourite themes especially when your going in a battleship, makes it more epic when your charging forward and you get loads of pings off your hull while barrelling towards them at ramming speed
  5. Kituneki

    More introductions!

    inspiring words there brogue!
  6. Kituneki

    More introductions!

    you only have to look at what a mess sea of thieves has turned into because of its cross platform play, not saying its a bad game but it does cause a bit of strife and toxicity because of console players are just getting turned to mash each time, all in all I really wish the best for this to do well, im no console pleb, I do prefer the PC, but it is a true too that I really wish for this to succeed, because all I can say is that its about bloody time that there was news on this, hopefully I can play with my brother because he likes to play console, but for sure I could already guess that one of the major challenges was already going to be controls, especially where it comes down to aiming, its also fair to say that till the carrier rework we wont be seeing them till after they get reworked on PC am I right?