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  1. KaLeuWillenbrock


    in Germany we say. "was lange wärt, wird endlich gut." translation is a bit tricky, because it would lose its meaning. But it roughly means "what takes time, becomes finally good." i prefer my games with less bugs and more balance.
  2. i can understand the concerns and i definitely don't want carriers to be implemented in a broken state. atm, it is frustrating to play against. DDs are basically obsolete and the carrier-ptsd memes will soon come back. this part of the game is not even ready for the PC version. that's chiefs main concern. but this is legends and i highly doubt that we will test them anytime soon.
  3. the PC version is pretty wrecked right now. AA is not working properly and the constant F-abuse with its constant waves of planes is not only unnerving. but that's on PC - this is console. i am sure that they will start implementing the CVs when the smoke has cleared on PC. when they cone to console, the supertesters will take a look at them first.
  4. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    to be clear - the ship progression is actually not that different from the PC version. the difference is that you think you have the choice what to upgrade first but most if the time its hull first, because it usually gives you more HP and better rudder shift. for future updates (after release), more modifications and maybe even alternative hull upgrades would be great. This adds replayability and makes lower tiers interesting. being able to adjust the ships to go into a certain direction of gameplay would be a very nice thing to have.
  5. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    on PC, CV players get blamed as well - but not exclusively. but to be fair, the high skill gap among CV players makes it quite easy to blame the 35% wr CV player on your team, who has to face farrazela. A CVs impact is so high, that a bad CV player is almost an auto-lose. when there are no CVs in a match, ots the DD who gets radared and clubbed to death, the cruiser who gets blapped by a BB after 3 minutes or the BB plauer, who hugs the border. if a CV is not in the match, there are possibilities to find others to blame.
  6. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    come on ... its not like the PC version has a sophisticated ship progression system. you play the game, get xp and unlock better range, more hp and a goody based on your played class. we have the same on console and we all try to get the best upgrades. skipping upgrades is only a good idea on some of the more ... weak ... ships on PC - if they get the balancing right, there will be no need to rush to max tier, because people will have fun playing the ships while grinding them. most ships on PC have three major upgrades and some have useless fillers. I would like to have options on the ships though. different guns or torpedoes on the high tier ships - something like that but that's something that can be added later in the game. current priority should be (and probably is) balancing.
  7. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Graf von Spee

    my guesses for two other german commanders are: Hans Langsdorff Karl von Müller
  8. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    in my opinion, tier 10 is not the endgame content. It only looks like it. The games don't have end game content except ranked battles. with the economy changes, you can sail tier 10 exclusively and make profit. I brought two premium camos for my favorite tier ten ships (and many more for mid tier ones) and even 💩 games are not a problem to compensate. Add premium account to the equation and credits are piling up like its nothing. endgame content is what is where you spend time because you like the content. if you like to spend time on your tier ten ships, its your end game content. I have spent enough time in tier 10, to get over it. its not fun to play. Tiers seven and six are.my personal endgame, because the matches there are more dynamic and fun in general. the only mode that can be seen as endgame content, is ranks 10 to 1, because you need to know what you are doing when playing there. Exceptions are players, who are as stubborn as stone and simply die their way up to rank one.
  9. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    but the "complicated" versions are not even complicated. The only thing they took out, was the freedom to select the order of the upgrades (or to leave out certain upgrades). the captains on PC are not more complicated - the table of skills just has all the available skills in one place, while they are distributed over several captains in the console version. are the captains good to go yet? Definitely not. Do we need more legendary commanders to give the player more options? hell yes! but the direction is actually pretty good. then there are people who say, that the game needs all the high tier paper ships, or the game will fail. I strongly disagree. High tier on PC is pretty dull or nerve wrecking stuff (depending on the class) … lots of bow tanking and long range engagements while DDs try to do their job against camping cruisers. all matches are the same. Imho, high tier is not popular because of the gameplay, but because a lot of players misinterpret tier ten as end game content. thing with wows is, that you decide what your end game content is.
  10. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    yes their are differences but they are not really that big. the progression system only matters while you are grinding and it is not that much of a difference from the PC version. ok sone upgrades are missing - like the mogamis 155mm gun option but that option actually in not really an option on PC, because the 155mm simply are better than the 203mm guns. Some "exotic" hull upgrades are not in the game as well … maybe, because they are not used on PC. while i am not that happy with the linear progression system, i don't think that it is that big of a deal, because we are not missing any major content. the Captain system is actually better and some CCs already said that they like it more than the PC version. this game has some simplifications but they are not bad ones. Other things are simply different and only look more simple than they really are. while console players are relatively casual, we also have hardcore players and people who really are playing games competitively. But i dare say, that the competitive scene on PC is still stronger. There is a reason rainbow six siege dumbed their big tournaments on console.
  11. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Marks of Excellence

    That is a nice idea. but as a second flag - i still would want to show off my alpha flag. 😎
  12. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Marks of Excellence

    no. They are visible for the player you just sank. 😁 let's be honest. Tankers got marks of excellence and ships got battle stars and combat ribbons. They were small paint jobs on the ship and not really visible from range. i am not sure how or if the imperial japanese navy marked their ships. Iirc, the german ships did not get ribbons or stuff like this. The seamen and commanders got medals at best. let's be honest. Those ribbons are a way to show off - and that's totally ok … but if you are showing off, the enemy should see it and it should be in a way that has roots in reality. i think that the badges are totally ok and they are optional.
  13. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Marks of Excellence

    there is a system on PC … badges. you earn them by reaching a certain average damage over a course of a certain amount of matches.
  14. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Tech Tree

    but its highly possible that the regia marina will hit PC this year.
  15. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Beta Summary (Thoughts and Suggestions)

    individual modules. The only difference between PC and console progression is, that you can not skip an upgrade and that they are Inna successive order. the PC version does not really have more upgrades - a few ships have a third hull upgrade only a very few people use.