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  1. KaLeuWillenbrock

    A new Captain has joined the Team

  2. KaLeuWillenbrock

    (Un)friendly fire

    i am not against deactivating friendly fire. I could love with both decisions, because i am not an a-hole in games. its just that their are other ways to grief people. Even on PC it was quite common among BB players, tp push DDs out of their own smoke screens or to block fire. griefers will find a way nonetheless. with or without friendly fire wargaming has to negotiate with the console companies, what they can do to punish griefplay. Something that is in the very own interest of microsoft and sony. both decisions have pros and cons. with friendly fire, you can be griefed in an obvious way but on PC, reflective damage and the TK status that lets you play coop only for quite a long time, made people think twice to do it again. On console however, a possibly younger audience might be a lot less worried by such consequences. with friendly fire however, people with a start spamming torpedoes from all distances and that will make life miserable for players on the front line. Torpedo alerts from all sides will be awful. like i said above. I can live with both decisions bit people will find a wau to grief and griefers need to be dealt with - period.
  3. KaLeuWillenbrock

    (Un)friendly fire

    well. They can not ban people from console. But they can ban people from playing their game. and mixing pink players with other pink players only could also work.
  4. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Joining the Division

    welcome aboard Paulina!
  5. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Would you like to see the Graf Zepplin in the game?

    not in its current state. first, we have to see what the CV reworks looks like.
  6. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Discord - all aboard!

    signed up on discord as well.
  7. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Community Contributors

    suuurpriiiise !!!
  8. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Intro FAQ

    is it possible, that long time clients get a discount on some premium ships?
  9. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Deutschsprachige Community

    und das meine ziert die Granaten.
  10. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Intro FAQ

    i heard, that microsoft is working on the matter but nonetheless. working controller support and controls are vital, because not every console player uses keyboard and mouse.
  11. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Where you from and what platform

    i am from germany and i am playing on the xbox one x as well. but i also play wows on PC.
  12. KaLeuWillenbrock

    Deutschsprachige Community

    Hey. Haben wir uns schon das ein oder andere mal gegenseitig versenkt? schön dich hier zu treffen!
  13. KaLeuWillenbrock

    The Wishlist

    Maybe even smaller matches in general. 10vs10 should be ok. 9vs9 would not be bad as well. this way, we could restrict the BBs and DDs to a maximum of three/two per side. i also hope, that we will get scenarios. They are actually fun to play and a good thing yo blow off steam.
  14. KaLeuWillenbrock

    The Wishlist

    its ok to have a limited amount of gimmicks. radar in its core it ok - if only one or two ships per side have it. If its more than that, it gets problematic. however - if you add a gimmick (jammer) to counter a gimmick (radar), that was added to counter a gimmick (smoke) things get out of line. thats the problem. nobody has a general problem with gimmicks - only with stupid ones, that try to compensate poor mechanics. the radar module made things worse and the new legendary upgrades (while the idea is great) are very likely to jump the shark for a lot of ships as well. if you want to give high tier ships different roles, add a second hull with different stats and maybe even armament. This way, you can unlock a second high tier ship to fit a different role.
  15. KaLeuWillenbrock

    The Wishlist

    i have a better proposition. how about radar lasts only 20 seconds for Russians and 25 for american ships. and give it a juicy cool down. This way, players parking their radar ships behind islands are a waste if they don't do anything else and us humble DD players stay on their toes instead of blindly rushing the cap. one thing is important. No stupid and overpowered gimmicks and counter gimmicks. This stuff gets old pretty fast. And no gamebreaking modules like the 40% radar thing.