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  1. O Elric O

    She will hunt you down!

    She can also help send the other Captains to port! I can’t wait to take her out for a spin.
  2. O Elric O

    WoWS submarine gameplay, will console or PC get subs?

    I cannot not even begin to conceive the amount of work remaining on the core game. To think about carriers, and commanders what a towering mountain of work left to do. Subs in 2021? Seriously, I think we all can see the real grind in the game, good luck developers/testers!
  3. O Elric O

    Breaking the waves

    That is an angle that I overlooked about the tier 7 cap. At launch, it will be interesting to have the player base concentrated in a smaller tier tree/+1/-1. Let us not forget that the tiers could always go higher one day to include “paper ships”.
  4. O Elric O

    Legends on the WoWs anniversary stream

    The stream was great! Thank you for the opportunity for an early peak, and continue the great work on development.
  5. O Elric O

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    IJN Yamato for me all the way
  6. O Elric O

    WoWs general poll part 4

    I wish we had higher participation in these polls.
  7. Happy sailing to those who got in. 🙂 we are all another step forward to meeting on the high seas!
  8. O Elric O

    Time to break the ice...

  9. O Elric O

    Alpha status update

    A second here
  10. O Elric O

    Going big.

    That pic has inspired me to revisit the USS Massachusetts BB-59 tomorrow. Thanks
  11. O Elric O

    Alpha status update

    Congrats to those who get in!! We shall all meet on the high seas!
  12. I have been waiting for this since I recieved my early access code during a twitch stream during the PC beta test. GO Console release