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  1. Seed967

    Her Majesty's Ships

    Admiral John Jellicoe please 😉
  2. Seed967

    Merry Christmas, Legends!

    Thank you Wargaming loved helping you out can't wait for the finished game, Happy Christmas to all in Praha a wonderful city.
  3. Seed967

    [EN] General Discussion

    Thank you Wargaming, just been on the Beta (Xbox one) gameplay is intuitive with the controller it looks beautiful and so far no issues, and as a PC player wasn't sure about the linear progression however it makes sense and keeps it quick and simple, well done,PS can I have another week please !!😉
  4. Seed967

    Battleship or Battlecruiser

    She was built in my home town, Barrow in Furness as was the Mikasa.
  5. Seed967

    Beta weekend FAQ

    So looking forward to this, weekend 21st ,close all watertight doors and pray 🤞
  6. Seed967

    English Speaking Community

    Is it still possible to sign up for Alpha ?