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  1. Kevnx

    Chesapeake Raider

    She was stationed at Chesapeake bay as a gunnery ship during WWII training gunners is why she was called the Chesapeake Raider. Looks great.
  2. I would like to see some cheaper options available in the store. 0.99$ for 6 hours of premium and 100 gold/1.99$ for 1 day of premium and 250 gold, something along these lines is always nice when you know you have a short window to play.
  3. Ok good I didn't miss the chance to sign up. Can't wait to play this on console like many others cmon WOWS Legends throw it into flank speed lets GOOOOO DAM THE TORPEDOES. I await patiently.
  4. Did I just miss a second wave of signups? If I did then that's really annoying as I was checking this site every day for news and was only off for a few days.
  5. Missed applying for first test by a few days, can't wait until next phase.
  6. Kevnx

    Let's Over-analyze a Picture Together

    It's interesting. The map looks quite a bit smaller than PC, a weakness IMO but it doesn't look too small. I'm curious to see exactly how ammo switching works (I know its the X button) and consumable usage, since a lot of higher tier ships have many consumables to be used at any given time. Also would like to say they better have a lock button for main guns so we can look around without traversing turrets.
  7. Kevnx

    World of Warships General Poll Pt 2

    If subs can be introduced in some playable and enjoyable way, then why not add them? I personally don't like the anime stuff, didn't like it in WOT or WOWS. I feel like it takes a little away from the immersion, even if the anime ships look cool. Not sure about the Mercenary thing, seems like something to maybe consider well after launch and instead now we should be focusing on ships/balance/bugs/game modes, etc.
  8. Kevnx

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    You guys make good points as well. If anything I'm very curious to see what this "tier 7 max" tech tree would look like, what ships aren't there, etc. I also find it interesting that the battles are 15 minutes like WOTPC and WOTC. One thing for me is certain; sitting back and playing WOWS with a gamepad should be much more fun than a key board and mouse that I have to lean over.
  9. Kevnx

    Your opinion on maxing out tiers @7

    Less ships = less fun. Whether they are cutting low tier, mid tier, or high tier ships they are cutting ships and I personally like ALL tiers of vehicles in WG's games. I hope this is just because its early and carriers aren't in yet, as well as the fact that PC is now starting to split lines so maybe they are trying to reorganize to make testing less confusing. A full game with 7 tiers sounds a bit underwhelming.
  10. Kevnx

    Alpha status update

    How do I apply for future testing?