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  1. Rubbelito

    My quote feature gone..

    Nice to see it's back.
  2. Rubbelito

    My quote feature gone..

    Ok, so obviously a forum admin has had a bit of fun lately. Can't really see the point in removing said features. Without quoting for example, there will be mayhem with people responding to others everywhere and it will be very hard knowing what response is to which post.
  3. Rubbelito

    My quote feature gone..

    I can't quote people anymore. Is it just me or are yours gone as well?
  4. Rubbelito

    Invite please

    I get some, but my mail host filters junk pretty well so I mostly just get those I want.
  5. Rubbelito

    Invite please

    Check email? Ever heard about this thing called notification?
  6. I hope it's ok to post... https://discord.gg/m8qVMbS
  7. But it's weekend now. I had basically all weekend open.
  8. Rubbelito

    WoWs Legends general poll pt 1

    I like light tan...ehmm ships.
  9. Rubbelito

    Let's Over-analyze a Picture Together

    It's gonna take some time to get used to having the map in the wrong corner (unless it's a changeable setting) and I'm also curious to see how much they have stripped down from PC in order to make it work with a lot less buttons on the controller.
  10. Rubbelito

    WoT console community sign in here

    Scr....ehh... you too! Looks like there's already a lot of us here. Will be fun to see what this community turns out to be.
  11. Rubbelito

    WoT console community sign in here

    'sup guys! Yep, even I found my way over here. Just signed up for the alpha, which btw is the first time ever for me in any gaming context. Personally, I'm a bit skeptical about this warship thing. Been watching some vids and I also got a friend who plays WoWs PC, and my impression is that it might be a bit slow paced for me, but I'm here to get the facts first hand and decide for myself.