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  1. Ammboz

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    Hellcome Mate, enjoy the ride and allways a hand of water under your keel =D
  2. Iam pleased to announce to you, that Iam still available for Testing the crap out of this on PS4. Iam expecting my code in the next 48 hours though, so, your window is closing fast. You know what to do. Carry on good captain, carry on.
  3. Ammboz

    Supertest mailout

    I would change any supertest for testing legends on console any day - well. If I had to chose which I would want more. just sayin 😃
  4. Ammboz

    Playstation 4 status update

    Sounds great to me. the more polish you bring, the more it'll shine. Cant wait to test it though. cyas!
  5. Ammboz

    Deutschsprachige Community

    PS4 4 life. Schaun wa mal wies umgesetzt wird. Sauge schon im PC game, werde also gern auf der couch gelümmelt weiterfailen =D Sehr zur Freude meiner Mitspieler die scih dann immer aufregen 😢 Frohes schaffen uns allen.
  6. Ammboz

    Say hello to the community!

    I cant wait to play this from my comfy couch on my 55'' TV with my 5.1 Headset, I waited long for this. Let's do this!
  7. Ammboz

    Introducing the team

    Good hunting guys! *Sharpens Neptunes Trident, just in case some one mayorly frags this one up*
  8. Ammboz

    Intro FAQ

    I guess I did not make myself clear, I got a letter for the survey but after I completed it I did not get a confirmation that I did partake in the survey. Thanks for the clarification though mate!
  9. Ammboz

    Intro FAQ

    I am happy! Now, you do not get a confirmation email (ideal would've been that you get a copy of your answers so to say but well, a confirmation would've been nice =D), so I ... uhm... applied again today cause I wasnt sure... I hope that will not throw to much of a bone into the gears? Other than that, I cant wait for the ps4 release to comfy sink BBs and DDs from my couch =D My question now: The ps4 alpha release will be later I gathered, will the confirmation of beeing in said alpha - albeit a bit later - be around the same time? See, I hate waiting, it's the worst =D
  10. PS4 Player here, got so excitited, filled the form out another time today ... sigh, wasnt sure if my survey was finalised correctly cause there was no confirmation email. So, if someone is reading this, you guys at wg now know why... 😉 Ship on mates.
  11. I cant wait to harvest the tears of both DDs and BBs on console =D GL HF all <O