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  1. wacko17

    Where to Start

    Thanks for the thoughts! I ended up doing some IJN DD play and some UKBB battles today. Gotta say imma have to get used to the changes from PC.
  2. wacko17

    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    I appreciate the warm welcome ya'll!
  3. wacko17

    Where to Start

    Hey everyone! As I recently just mentioned in this post: Im the new guy on the team. Im here to ask what lines I should play. Tell me what you have been playing, what you want to play in the future, and what you think I should play now. Currently thinking about going down the UKBB line, but perhaps you can change my mind!
  4. wacko17

    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    No, not more of you!
  5. wacko17

    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    Yakko and Dot send their best, but they are pursuing other things in life.
  6. wacko17

    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Hello everyone! Please let me introduce myself, my name is William and I go by wacko17. I am the newest addition to the World of Warships: Legends team. I have been with Wargaming in the NA office for 4 years now, and for the most part, most of my time in WG was on the PC Version of the game. I was the Publishing Producer for WoWs PC and will be taking my skills and knowledge to Legends. My favorite ships are going to be from WoWs PC as that is where my current experience is from. That being said, Shima is a beast, and I love spotting/capping and hitting targets with the 20k torpedoes. This is one of those ships that requires a lot of patience to play but landing a wall of skill against a battleship is just fantastic. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but I really enjoyed playing the US and German battleship lines. Monty was my first tier 10 (I do grind out my ships) but I’m always being called back to the GK by a sirens call. I’ve been playing video games for over 20 years now and am very happy to be working here, helping the game and community grow. Recently, other than WoWs, I have been playing Civilization 6, Minecraft, Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and Spiderman. I am very much a casual gamer, but do not like losing if I can help it. Other than video games I am really into Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role (where are my Critters at?) and most recently have been getting into gardening and wood work (very much a novice). As I said, I’m here on the NA side of things and joined Wargaming back in the Emeryville office and then made the move to Austin. I’ll make sure to do my best and be someone you can talk to and share your concerns with to share with the dev team. If you have any questions or wanna chat about some off-topic things, let me know! turn the tide!