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  1. LazyCalf5928745

    how do make forum signature?

    at the bottom of your post ,seeing a couple now , so how do you do it?
  2. LazyCalf5928745

    Where you from and what platform

    g'day i come from a land down under. Wollongong NSW xbox1
  3. LazyCalf5928745

    System Sound Off

    xbox 1
  4. LazyCalf5928745

    Claiming it for the good boys

  5. LazyCalf5928745

    Intro FAQ

    question. will gold purchased be able to be used on both wotc and wowl or will each be seperate?
  6. LazyCalf5928745

    Claiming it for the good boys

    gosh darn it. i thought i'd be welcome here, guess i gotta wait til the airplanes come to console, udderly disappointed. i'm steakn a claim on that one then. no milk 4 u
  7. LazyCalf5928745

    tog boat

    i have been playn tanks for the last 4 years and couldnt bring myself to even look at anything else. so how much different will it b to wotc. i am imagine it would be like the tog boats in wotc obviously with more variety. i really know nuffin bout wow at all. i watched a jingles vid on wow a year ago but that it. so please advise me on anything, similarities and differences. eg indirect,direct fire, boat classes, weak spots , consumables, equipment etc. i am too lazy to look it up myself. i udderly appreciate any insight, no bull.
  8. LazyCalf5928745

    Lot of familiar names posting

    r we allowed to make non constructive post here. if so big hugs for everyone.
  9. LazyCalf5928745

    WoT console community sign in here

    hello, this may be the first game i have played in 4 years that isnt wot.
  10. wow i'm excited. i wish u all smooth sailing