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  1. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Would you like to be able to buy hourly premium time?

    I am sure that something similar was done for WoT PC for those playing in certain parts of Russia where the internet was only available for a certain amount of time per day but I could be wrong ( it was some time ago ) But I would support this option,
  2. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Not that I am aware of but im checking every possible corner of the internet for any sort of an update ***EDIT*** Alpha tags are appearing in discord so maybe codes are being sent? ( that could be me overlooking the colours in chat since discord offers a variety of colours in different chats )
  3. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Surely it's not too long now ๐Ÿ™‚ The wait is killing me
  4. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Alpha status update

    I keep waking up to 3-4 emails in my spam box. I get excited too early as it turns out, it's actual spam ๐Ÿ˜ž
  5. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Friendly Fire and WoWS Legends

    Would I be wrong to assume that the trolling and people being idiots would be kept to the lower tiers with FF on? Maybe if it was the assumption that the kids with consoles are the causes of trolling ( I would agree but I don't have physical evidence ) they would be unwilling to put in the time and effort in grinding a ( already mentioned within this post some what ) niche game?
  6. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Community Contributors

    Whether it's behind a smoke screen or being a sneaky destroyer going round for a flank.
  7. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Community Contributors

    Don't mind watching Jingles, his description of players playstyles at any given moment provides good chuckles.
  8. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    A character from " Life of Brian " holding an xbox or ps4 controller kind of picture?
  9. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    New Community

    I will still assume it will happen here as it did there but I like to be proven wrong and hope that it doesn't. if given the chance to get into the alpha, it will be spent learning as much as possible so when the full game comes out, I'll understand how to play and hopefully, will be able to educate others. Wishful thinking but I also go into games on WoT with the assumption that my team know what they are doing ๐Ÿ˜› ( as well as me )
  10. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    The Wishlist

    Never found much of an issue with console in terms of XP. Suppose it's also what gives them a chance to sell premo time? Providing it doesn't hurt the games implementation I'd be down for that but would rather have the game in and established before coming in with replay systems
  11. PHOBIA bAe2005k

    Say hello to the community!

    Nice to see a few of the people from WOT Console on here. Played WOW Blitz and seen many WOW videos on youtube but my time has been in WOT Console and creating content online. Quite like the idea of a change of pace
  12. There will be a fair amount. Can't think I'll be able to make the lols or funny moments but plenty of other content to make :)
  13. Very much looking forward to playing this when it's available either through the Alpha or full release ๐Ÿ˜„