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  1. Sub_Octavian

    Joining the Division

    Welcome aboard and to the crew. We have epic journey ahead, so prepare and while you have time, learn how to torpedobeat, farm salt, avoid farming salt, and...boop
  2. Sub_Octavian

    Russian-speaking community

  3. Sub_Octavian

    Say hello to the community!

    Wow, this topic is more than alive. Nice! Warm and sincere welcome to all newcomers from Legends team 🙂
  4. Sub_Octavian

    Russian-speaking community

    Ого, спасибо большое за Ваш труд! Здорово!
  5. Sub_Octavian

    Pimp that torpedo boat!

    Hello there, Legends! A bit of our ship research and progression layout, Work In Progress. It says Beta, but it's just to throw enemies off the track 😎 Original picture can be found here.
  6. Sub_Octavian

    Introducing the team

    Thanks, gentlemen. We will absolutely love to do it, but at a bit later stage, when we actually can share some details.
  7. Sub_Octavian

    Claiming it for the good boys

    Our Grand Admiral is NOT happy with this thread 😄
  8. Sub_Octavian

    Introducing the team

    Greetings! We've received some questions about whose game it is. Let's make it clear and not leave any room for wild guesses🙂 The game is developed within Wargaming Saint-Petersburg, the studio which gave birth to World of Warships PC and some older titles before, back when it was known as Lesta Studio. The Legends team core was created long time ago (when the project was internally approved in Wargaming) with several key World of Warships PC developers and several newly hired console specialists. Since then the team has grown independently. It's still very compact compared to WoWS PC, because we can safely steal...uh...borrow...uh...share a lot of 3D assets from the PC game. As for the community relations, the key responsible figures are Sub_Octavian (me), Philigula (by the way we're both Phils and we're based in St. Pete studio as well - but we're not brothers) and a couple of great guys based in WoWS PC EU and NA teams. They will join us a bit later with community growth to ensure quality sustained communications in major languages and time zones. I was working on WoWS PC since Alpha, and many players know me very well. I made many mistakes and learned even more lessons, but overall, I hope I did manage to create a friendly, open and appealing dev-player interaction there, which in turn has helped a lot of player-driven changes to happen. Now I am intending to use all of my experience and efforts to make this community the best place for you guys. Philigula joined my team around a year ago. He's super fluent English speaker, energetic, and he actually likes Legends more than PC version. He also used to troll the rest of my team too much. Hence, he was appointed to do all the work while I relax and write PSAs like this 😛 Both of us are in tight contact with key developers, so rest assured, we won't be just "talking heads" - instead we will be pushing your questions, concerns and argument to the team, and vice versa - so that the game thrives. Of course there will be more people involved, but it will mostly be on service level, and will depend on work load. To sum up, the team is compact, experienced, tightly connected, and is willing to provide many great moments for you guys. I am counting on you as well, because very soon we will start building the base for the future game community together. How would we treat newcomers? Will we be able to foster friendly and interesting discussion? What would people say about Legends "playerbase"? It's all on us. We're excited about this challenge. By the way, we're going through your Alpha Test applications and there's a lot, no, A LOT of them. This level of engagement from you makes us smile! (Okay, it makes me smile as happily as I can, and probably makes Philigula work overnight and cry, but on average, we're smiling). Thank you! We will be telling you more about our progress, team and other interesting stuff in the days to come. Follow the news. And if you're interested in such blog-style updates, let us know in the comments and maybe hint at what are you interested in. Cheers!
  9. Sub_Octavian

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    But admit, it does look like an average tier 7 Russian BB 🙈
  10. Sub_Octavian

    Russian-speaking community

  11. Sub_Octavian

    Unofficial Historical Bote Discussion Thread

    Come on, don't tell me she is not historical! 😠
  12. Sub_Octavian

    Russian-speaking community

    Нет, разные аккаунты. Мы занимаемся, не секрет:)
  13. Sub_Octavian

    Forum quality of life improvement suggestion.

    Thanks for feedback (not sure the Captain will be a WoWSL hero though - we will see). Actually, if you have any other forum QoL ideas - please share. @Philigula should take care of this 🙂
  14. Sub_Octavian

    Russian-speaking community

    🙂 Ура, да еще какое!