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  1. KocaTka973

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Alpha and beta - were, maybe omega)))
  2. KocaTka973

    Her Majesty's Ships

    cool :)
  3. KocaTka973

    Funny military fails vid

    After all, from the taiga to the British seasThe Red Army is the strongest! )))
  4. KocaTka973

    Beta weekend FAQ

    Thanks for the information, all the best
  5. KocaTka973

    Game download

    In short, I see they do not need new people in the game, I will go and continue to play tanks, if anything let me know :)
  6. KocaTka973

    Game download

    I still do not understand in which section they can give the code. I entered but can see nothing exactly
  7. KocaTka973

    Game download

    and on his feet too, for loyalty)))
  8. KocaTka973

    Game download

    Good day :), what is the chance that today they will give the code to download the game, in my opinion it is not great)
  9. KocaTka973

    Game download

    thank you very much
  10. KocaTka973

    Game download

    I am new and do not know where the code should come and how to download the game, please explain :)