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  1. Wraith Calling

    Unofficial Closed beta poll

    I have already made a thread with some thoughts on the game. I do like the game, the graphics are good, the game play is easy to figure out. I did make a thread with some suggestions. I do not care for the linear style of progression. I think the Captain skills are interesting. Will I spend money on the game, probably, but I'd like to see more improvements. -Wraith
  2. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    I don't think I'll be able to play anymore before the Beta Test Ends. I do like the game and think it has potential to be very good. Thanks to the staff who allowed me to play it ahead of time and hopefully I will get a chance to play it in Beta next time as well. -Wraith
  3. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    PART III 11. Upgrades (again) - The choice to decide which upgrades to purchase would be nice. Do I want an engine upgrade, gun upgrade or torp upgrade? The whole upgrade system seems like a copy/paste of Blitz, I understand the need for that one to be so simplified it's for a mobile device, but so far I'm rather disappointed with it. It is even LESS COMPLICATED than the Blitz.. how did you manage that? The cost in XPs seems random? What's the deciding factor on how much XP an upgrade costs? 12. Captains - While this is completely different from PC, I do like it. It is taking some getting used to though. The choices in skill and the way the skills can be improved I think is interesting. Also the fact that you can change around your skills without spending gold to do it (looking at you PC) is a good thing, and hopefully that stays.
  4. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    Woo looking at your screenshot. What about moving ship icon in bottom center AND the red highlighted stats all the way to the right. Then the Black highlighted consumables and HP in the center bottom area. Mini-map still lower right.
  5. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    PART II 8. Upgrades - I feel that we need to able to remove them if we do not like the change. Maybe with a partial refund on credits. There are some upgrades that do not always feel worth it depending on your playing style. IE.. Clemson Final Torp upgrade adds +1800 damage, and also adds +26 seconds to the reload. If you purchase it and decide you'd rather have the faster reload you are stuck with it. 9. Upgrades 2 - On the ship upgrade I would like to see the stats impacted by the upgrade in a side by side comparison of Before/After without having to jump back out all the way to the tech tree to see stats. 10. Tech Tree - Found what I was missing. 😄 Probably more thoughts to come.
  6. Wraith Calling

    Issues so far

    I haven't noticed the mini-map getting fuzzy, but I'll pay more attention and look for it.
  7. Wraith Calling

    Thoughts so far...

    I agree on the map, was completely throwing me off.
  8. Wraith Calling

    Initial first thoughts

    Hi all, Just is just some of my initial first thoughts on Legends. I have playing playing console tanks for 4 years, World of Warships on the PC for 3, and World of Warships Blitz for about 2 months. Some of these items might be more opinion based preferences than game issues. 1. The HUD layout feels a bit awkward. I think I would prefer the mini-map in the lower right hand corner as opposed to the upper left. It might just be me needing to take some getting used to, but after 3 hours of play this morning it still feels a bit off to me. Console Tanks and PC Ships are lower right and it feels more natural to me there. 2. Controller settings? How about using the letter buttons for consumables? Then using the D pad for adjusting weapon systems and throttle. 'UP' would be forward (several taps to increase throttle) and 'DOWN' would be reverse. 'RIGHT' could be ammo type (if using Guns) or Torp spreads, 'LEFT" would be weapon changing (torps or guns). Or at least making this layout an option. 3. I assume at some point we will be able to look at after action reports, see everyone's stats, kills, and so on. 4. I did notice a few times that when you turn your ship towards incoming torpedoes, your ship will block your view of the torps. DDs this isn't too much of a problem but on larger ships losing where that torp gets blocked by your ship. Maybe change the angles of the camera view a bit? 5. Changing camera views. I'm ok with using the button and that's not an issue. But maybe a 3rd view. You can have Close, Middle and Far. The ship always seems to close to the camera. Having a farther back view might also help with #5 above. 6. Radial Commands. I am going to guess that at some point we will have additional options? Like while in Radial view being able to press A or B to switch 'pages' to show additional communication options. 7. An option to see your ships stats while in game. I know on the PC simply holding down 'H' will your ships stats. Obviously we cannot do this on console. But maybe using the game menu button. Where you can quit, continue, settings on the left, on the right show your ships stats. Gun Range, Damage, Detection Range, Max Speed, Torp Ranges and Damage, Visibility ranges.. I'll probably add more to this thread as I play the game and get a better feel for it. I'm not even sure this is the right place for it, so Mod/Admin feel free to move it if needed. I do like the game. It does seem a bit simplistic, closer in relation to Blitz like it's optimized for a mobile device instead of a console. I'll keep plugging away. Is there any NDA about posting videos on youtube on the game play? Can I do that? I probably missed a thread that said NOOOOOOO. lol -Wraith
  9. Wraith Calling

    Unofficial closed beta feedback thread

    This has gotten soo far off topic. lol
  10. Wraith Calling

    Say hello to the community!

    Could be. lol I haven't posted any videos for a while. Due to Real Life stuff, my gaming time has been really up and down for a while.
  11. Wraith Calling

    Say hello to the community!

    I've been looking forward to this for a while. I guess we will not be seeing the Tier 6 Cleveland Flamethrower. lol