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  1. BrogueOne

    Playstation 4 status update

    There IS a signup. That signup is over. Codes are distributed to those people first if they qualify. Codes are only given on Discord when they need new testers... and only to people who are constructive community members. It’s not a “random reward” thingy. Testing requires actual testing and participation in feedback forums. The only reason they end up giving out codes in Discord is because some people break the NDA or otherwise don’t actively engage in actual testing and they get fired.
  2. Soon(tm) our domination will be complete! #ps4masterrace
  3. BrogueOne


    The game will have a 7 Tier maximum according to the FAQ. It’s intentional, not provisional.
  4. BrogueOne

    WoT console community sign in here

    Now, that’s right about when I clock out!! Woot!
  5. BrogueOne

    WoT console community sign in here

    PS4 Alpha starts in October! Oh, thanks for giving me ‘Murica Time for the stream! I hate trying to convert time....especially UTC for some reason. I will also be at work *sadface*
  6. BrogueOne

    WoT console community sign in here

    Not a whole lot happening here yet..... but things will get pretty hot pretty soon once we start cooking up the Beta(the Beta, not the Beta 😛 )! I’m sure the Alpha tester forums are pretty lively right now, but I still have to wait until next month to join those conversations.....
  7. BrogueOne

    Alpha status update

    Download codes are redeemed via the Microsoft Store on your Console.
  8. BrogueOne

    Chesapeake Raider

    If I had to guess where she got the nickname from? I’d guess she was likely berthed in the Chesapeake Bay and called it her Home port. Isn’t there a Naval base in Annapolis?
  9. BrogueOne

    Any news when Beta begins?

    Announcements usually get posted first in Discord, but they get reposted to FB and the Forums pretty quickly when they do. Discord is the place to hang out if you want a chance at a random code invite...... the mobile App for Discord is pretty easy to use and you can basically just drop in, scan for any staff messages/Announcements and be on your way.
  10. BrogueOne

    Any news when Beta begins?

    Full release of the game is sometime in 2019. I wouldn’t expect open Beta until we’re within 2 months of release. Maybe this will help:
  11. BrogueOne

    Playstation 4 status update

    If you missed out on the initial application window you’re out of luck for now. Best just to check back in October. Discord or not, there won’t be any other news until the October testing gets underway.
  12. BrogueOne

    A new Captain has joined the Team

    I’ve seen you in replays! Next time somebody says that WG staff don’t know how to play I’ll send them over here! Lol! I look forward to working with you once we get this Ps-thingy-4 up and running! Welcome!
  13. BrogueOne

    Help Needed!

    Applications are closed for now, that’s why. They’ll make an official Announcement whenever they start taking new applications, so just keep an eye on this forum, Discord, Facebook, etc for when they do!
  14. BrogueOne

    PC CV rework revealed

    That should prove to be a lot of fun with a controller! I wonder if they’ll implement controller support for WoWs now? I would definitely play more on PC if I could use one!
  15. BrogueOne

    What's World Of Warships about?

    Boops it is then! I voted for boops. 😛