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  1. BrogueOne

    WoWS Blitz on cellphones now

    Blitz is a totally different game. It’s also been available for quite some time now.
  2. BrogueOne


    You must not be checking the right parts of the forums. It’s been stated already that signups are currently closed. They will make a fresh announcement whenever they begin accepting applications again.
  3. BrogueOne

    Discord - all aboard!

    Why would you need a 3rd party chat service for a Console game? My Clan mates and I, on PS4, use the provided Party Chat system from Sony and it’s great. As dedicated Console players, not everyone has or uses a PC.
  4. Applications are closed for the time being. Keep checking in for further updates as they will require more testers in the near future.
  5. BrogueOne

    It's cold out there

    She’s showing some skin there........ where’s her camo? Dirty girl!
  6. BrogueOne

    Status update: start of code distribution

    First, go read the FAQ. The game doesn’t release until 2019, it’s currently in an invite-only testing phase. Take a few minutes also to read backwards from this post.... the last 5-8(however many pages long this thread is) pages of this thread will have plenty of valuable information.
  7. Invite only. Go hang out in Discord... sometimes they give out keys for downloading the test version.... and a fancy NDA to sign. Otherwise, just wait and hope you get an email invite.
  8. BrogueOne

    Any News on PS4 Codes

    Signups are over for the time being. They’ll make an announcement whenever they start taking new applications. However, when they start doing PS4 testing they’ll probably invite testers as needed through Discord. They’ve given out several xbox keys in Discord chat and they’ll likely do the same for PS4. So start hanging out in Discord when PS4 testing starts and you might get lucky! Testing spots will inevitably open up as things progress..... either they’ll need more people for more data..... or they’ll have to replace testers who got kicked for breaking NDA.
  9. BrogueOne


  10. BrogueOne

    First batch of codes has been distributed!

    Go to the WoWSL Discord, look in the users list, there you will find Philigula. Not trying to sound rude, but in order to message someone on a Discord, you must first GO to Discord.
  11. BrogueOne

    Any News on PS4 Codes

    I live in Florida..... your heatwave is my average summer day! 😛
  12. BrogueOne

    Any News on PS4 Codes

    I think they’re just preheating the oven....
  13. BrogueOne

    Would you like to see the Graf Zepplin in the game?

    WoWSL =/= WoWS Doesn’t matter what the Graf Zepplin is like on PC.... doesn’t matter what any CV is like, actually... i realize that somehow sounds rude... not meant to be.
  14. If you missed your chance to apply for Alpha testing, just keep an eye on this forum or the Discord channel for news on when they start looking for new testers. Testing on Xbox already started a month ago and PS4 testing will start soon..... the game isn’t scheduled for full release until 2019, so there will be plenty of time for testing! Pro tip: start hanging out in the Discord channel..... A.) It’s fun and entertaining. And B.) Occasionally there are WG staff that will pop in to recruit new testers.
  15. BrogueOne

    Alpha test

    I certainly hope you got untied..... that would be awfully awkward to explain at hospital!