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  1. Bald Cats

    Kagerō "Heat Haze" Destroyer

    That looks like a good time!!
  2. Bald Cats

    Merry Christmas, Legends!

    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and all yours. Really enjoyed the Beta weekend, had a blast and met some new, nice people in game play.
  3. Bald Cats

    Legends and you

    After reading a bunch of comments, this looks like a great community. I'll stick around until I get in.
  4. Bald Cats

    Time to break the ice...

    I'd hold back it doesn't have instant reverse like a tank or somthing.
  5. Bald Cats

    Going big.

    Nice looking ship!
  6. Bald Cats

    Legends and you

    Hope I can get in on the first go around, only experience with WoWs blitz, but had a great time playing that. I love the request for adult conversation vs. the bashing that other games have become. Intelligent useful speak will go a lot farther.