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  1. carphuntermj

    Did you know

    It is similar to Wikipedia.😉
  2. carphuntermj

    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    Nice to meet you, cheers 🍻
  3. carphuntermj

    5 new maps?

    I guess it's the maps from our focus sessions. 🤔
  4. carphuntermj

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    Then that would be synonymous clarified. For me my age, the whole anime stuff is nothing anymore. I've always thought Legends should be different than the PC version. But it is your opinion and decision with which I will live.
  5. carphuntermj

    The Beta weekend cometh!

    I hope so, too. No man needs.
  6. carphuntermj

    Your new Community Manager FR/ENG for Legends

    Welcome on board monsieur. ✌️
  7. carphuntermj

    Deutschsprachige Community

    Leute gibt es.🤔 Kein Anstand.
  8. carphuntermj

    Wiki Discussion Thread

    I take that literally and come back to you.
  9. carphuntermj

    Wiki Discussion Thread

    Good work T33kanne. Question on my part. Will the wiki be available in German? I always have a hard time with the Google translator.
  10. carphuntermj

    Why are Legends the way they are?

    We can all hope that WG learns from all the bad feedback and makes the best of it. Personally, it would be more important to make a few basic settings, such as determining the position and size of the minimap itself. It does not matter to me if this game has 7 or 10 levels, it is important that it runs flawlessly at the time of publication. That with the engineering tree is already. Have patience.
  11. carphuntermj

    [DE] Diskussion zum Spiel

    Die Videos sind alle samt top. Die haben auch gutes Material gestellt bekommen. Da bekommt der Krado noch ein extra Lob von mir und bringt das nächste mal hoffentlich den Krom mit.