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  1. harry

    From Almirante Abreu to Albany

    For some reason the comments are unusually quiet there's only 3
  2. harry

    Battleship or Battlecruiser

    i have always considered her a fast battleship
  3. harry

    The NO Boat

    We'll lets just say it's better then the floating pinyata of free xp and credits that is the uss omaha
  4. harry

    Admiral Fletcher’s Flagship

    Will the uss missouri and uss Atlanta be available at launch those 2 are my favourite American ships
  5. harry

    What a dreadnought could do

    I am just going to make a B line to yamato
  6. harry

    What a dreadnought could do

    Does any one know if or when will be an open bata like on pc please
  7. harry


    Will the mighty yamato battleship be available in alpha
  8. harry

    Die Hard: Nagato

    How can I join
  9. Do you have an estimation on when the game will be fully released