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  1. Calypso

    Playstation 4 status update

    Then just wait for the announcement that the PS4 Alpha Testing has started, most probably more players will have a chance to apply.
  2. Calypso

    Playstation 4 status update

    We are hoping to launch by the end of this year. The easiest way to join Xbox Alpha testing is to wait for the announcements on the Discord channel. PS4 Alpha Testing starts not earlier than the beginning of October. What console do you use?
  3. Calypso

    Die Hard: Nagato

    Did you know, that Nagato is the only Japanese battleship that survived the WWII? She was also the first battleship to mount 16-inch guns. Although after the war Nagato was selected as a target vessel for Operation Crossroads and was destroyed by a series of nuclear weapons during the tests, you can still admire her power by joining WoWs: Legends. Would you like to try her out in a battle?
  4. Calypso

    Alpha status update

    You can follow these instructions to redeem an Xbox prepaid code. Hope this answers your question.
  5. Calypso

    Chesapeake Raider

    Here goes the dreadnought battleship named in honor of the Wyoming Valley! Can you guess why was the historic ship called "Chesapeake Raider" during WWII? Do you know any nicknames for other ships?
  6. Calypso

    Joining the Division

    Thank you, captain! Hello! 🖐️
  7. Calypso

    Joining the Division

    Благодарим за такой приятный отзыв. Команда Legends трудится, чтобы вы могли насладиться отличной игрой.
  8. WoWs Legends do not have an ST program, so please, check your mail to see what project is mentioned there. If you got a mail telling that you were given some ships for being part of the ST, then please read this topic:
  9. Calypso

    Intro FAQ

    There is definitely a chance that we will add it. After the game launch, we will add more ships and nations. However, there is no definite date when new ships will come out. Sure, we will offer premium ships to the players.
  10. Calypso

    Russian-speaking community

    Добро пожаловать в наши стройные ряды!
  11. Please check this topic: https://wowslegends.com/forums/topic/264-playstation-4-status-update/ So we should patiently wait till the PS Alpha starts 😉
  12. Calypso

    Say hello to the community!

    Testing applications are closed for now, but we recommend you follow the News and Announcements section and our Discord channel as some more codes might be distributed in the nearest future. Joining Discord is the fastest way to know about that.
  13. Calypso

    Team up!

    Yeah, that's true. A lot depends on the play style. What ships do you like to team with then?)
  14. Calypso

    Team up!

    It is rare, based on the latest feedback that I've seen. Can you tell what you like about it? Gotta give some love to Pensacola, 'cause she is a good ship.
  15. Calypso

    Joining the Division

    I'll PM you in a minute, we'll figure out what survey you are talking about and what can we do. No worries!