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  1. Calypso

    What a dreadnought could do

    Hello! We have more than two nations already present in the Alpha Version. If you are interested, you can read this topic:
  2. Did you know that Kongō was the last Japanese battleship built abroad? She was constructed by the British naval engineer Sir George Thurston. Kongō was also a unique IJN ship because she was the first among battlecruisers and battleships to have 356 mm guns. She participated in multiple operations during WWI as well as afterward and was considered one of the fastest units of Japan’s battle fleet.
  3. Calypso

    Batalla de buques

    Please watch closely our official Forum and the Discord server - we will make an announcement when we can reveal the exact date.
  4. Calypso

    What a dreadnought could do

    I can assure you. there will be much more to explore!
  5. Calypso

    The NO Boat

    Starboard side view of New Orleans heading home. This new generation heavy cruiser was a direct participant of the greatest battles of the World War II, including the Battle of Coral Sea, the Battle of Midway and the Battle of Eastern Solomons. She was one of the most decorated US ships of World War II.
  6. Calypso

    Die Hard: Nagato

    I think of Legends the same way, it is amazing to be able to see great ships (usually one of a kind) sail the seas once more. Second life for the legendary vessels!
  7. Calypso

    Furutaka goes first

    Full speed ahead! This heavy cruiser is great at scouting and supporting battleships. Choose your tactics wisely and you will be able to escape the enemies’ attacks unscathed. Did you know, that Furutaka ship was commissioned at Nagasaki, Japan in 1926 and sank only in October 1941? She managed to survive numerous patrols, invasions, and naval operations until she was engaged in the Battle of Cape Esperance.
  8. Wyoming represents one of the two powerful dreadnought battleships created at the beginning of the 20th century. She was Admiral Fletcher’s flagship and sailed under his supreme command in 1915-1916. We can’t wait for you to discover other Legendary ships together with us!
  9. Take a moment to admire this gorgeous shot of Wakatake while imagining yourself a captain. It takes a great deal of bravery and motivation to lead your team to the victory. How challenging is it to become a good captain? What do you think? Share your thoughts!
  10. This dreadnought was developed from the Wyoming class. The 14-inch guns on the New York could shoot 13 miles. They used 1400 pounds shells, which could destroy a ship like the mighty Oregon if aimed correctly. She entered the service in 1914 and was sunk only in 1948 taking part in Operations Crossroads as a target.
  11. Watch Ishizuchi going through her sea trials. While we are testing the vessel’s speed, equipment and maneuverability, let us know who would love to test this one of a kind battleship in a real battle?
  12. Calypso

    Russian-speaking community

    Друзья! Вы наверно уже знаете, что мы начали раздачу кодов для PS4. По поводу доступа - смело пишите мне или @Philigula. Мы поможем вам сориентироваться.
  13. Calypso

    She will hunt you down!

    Is Missouri your favorite? Why would you choose her? 🛳️
  14. Calypso

    She will hunt you down!

    If you are spotted you can maneuver and hide! Stealth is also a fun way to play DDs.
  15. If you like to surprise your enemies, you should try out the tier VI Akatsuki. She belonged to a “special type” series of destroyers that could reach high speed in short order and had great concealment parameters. Deadly Akatsuki torpedoes combined with the smoke generator can help you bring your team closer to the victory.