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  1. iJoby

    English Speaking Community

    Thank you. We have no problem with other language communities joining this community when they find theirs kinda dull. ☕ a cuppa will be waiting.
  2. iJoby

    Introducing the team

    Good luck with WoWs Legends guys.
  3. iJoby

    English Speaking Community

    I agree, use the report system or if completely needed, contact a MOD, I am sure we can for once have a sensible and fair forum.
  4. iJoby

    Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    You don't say!! well there is a topic for when there is one.
  5. As this topic was so popular on a few forums (especially on EU by Hanszeehock - Supertest Coordinator), it would be great to have it here too.
  6. iJoby

    English Speaking Community

    You are welcome, WOWS on console is something I have been waiting for. Hints of development was hinted on Devs YT video's (Gamepad) so we knew it was in the works.
  7. iJoby

    English Speaking Community

    Sure does, welcome Commander @FOXSTONE87
  8. 3rd Anniversary Mega Twitch Stream Wargaming's various offices of World of Warships around the world are divisioning together to present a massive Anniversary Stream Party! Stream Includes: WoWs Legends Very First Live Footage. Ship and Super container Giveaways. Much More. http://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2018/09/world-of-warships-3rd-anniversary-mega.html Monday 17 Sept 2018 USA Central: 9 am CDT - 2 pm CDT Eastern: 10 am ET - 3 pm ET United Kingdom: 3 pm GMT - 8 pm GMT Europe: 4 pm CEST - 9 pm CEST
  9. iJoby

    Say hello to the community!

    Hey guys, I am from the UK, played on the EU server for nearly 3 years now. Nice to meet you all.