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    A Wild Employee has Appeared

    Welcome aboard
  2. CptAnnoyU2death

    It's a date!

    My birthday is the day before the games release so I’m definitely buying myself a birthday present
  3. CptAnnoyU2death

    Your new Community Manager FR/ENG for Legends

    Welcome aboard
  4. CptAnnoyU2death

    Say hello to the community!

    Hello everyone. I’m very excited about this news. Good luck to everyone that signed up for the alpha test. I look forward to working with everyone if I get picked
  5. I’m 49yrs old and you can’t imagine how excited i’am about this news. Hopefully I get picked. Congratulations. I would look on the internet on a regular basis any information about this game coming to console. I’m looking forward to working with you if I’m picked. Good luck everyone and congratulations wargaming