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  1. T33kanne

    Intro FAQ

    Hey there and good morning! There will be a special announcement coming soon. I can recommend to stay tuned either on this forum or on our Discord! Hey there, at the moment we only have PVE (Co-op) and PVP modis. More are planned for the future!
  2. T33kanne

    Die Hard: Nagato

    not really - every nation had some battlecruiser. The concept of battlecruiser was battleship sized armament but not battleship like armour. So Amagi for example. But an entire line? Unlikely
  3. T33kanne


    Hello there and thank you for expressing an interest in taking part in our testing! Unfortunately, registration for testing has now closed for now. The only way you can obtain a download code is by invitation by ourselves either through direct message, email or code giveaway in our Discord!
  4. T33kanne

    Deutschsprachige Community

    Jep so ist es richtig 😄 Bis voraussichtlich Mitte Dezember erstmal. Dann schauen wir weiter
  5. T33kanne

    Legends and you

    well i can explain it to you in two-three sentences: The Skillgap for CV's are to high, difficult to master, the player population was way to low, the impact of having a good CV vs a bad cv in the game was to high (alpha strike potential) so yeah - overall was not a good class
  6. T33kanne

    Deutschsprachige Community

    Das ist nicht ganz richtig - Tester werden immer benötigt aber aktuell ist das Programm geschlossen 🙂
  7. Hello there, thanks for your interest in the Alpha but unfortunately our testing phase is closed for now. We can't say when we are going to release the game exactly but i recommend to you to just follow the forum or our Discord 🙂 best regards
  8. T33kanne

    Status update: start of code distribution

    Hi! Aktuell vergeben wir keine Codes. Ich habe deinen Post abgeändert und deine persönlichen Informationen rausgelöscht 🙂
  9. T33kanne

    - edit -

    Thank you @Ruthless4u @toks559 I'll send you a PM
  10. T33kanne

    - edit -

    locked - not the right forum / contacted via PM
  11. Hi there, that might be the case of the ST E-Mail that got sent out 1 moth ago. Can you PM me a picture of that email?
  12. T33kanne

    A quick question

    there will be many ships coming to console - but which and how can't tell you yet 😉
  13. T33kanne


    If you are an alpha tester please contact me via PM
  14. T33kanne

    Deutschsprachige Community

    - PM -
  15. T33kanne

    Invalid code - PS4

    - send you a pm -