News and Updates


Pimp that torpedo boat!

Hello there, Legends! A bit of our ship research and progression layout, Work In Progress. It says Beta, but it's just to throw enemies off the track ūüėé Original picture can be found here.

First batch of codes has been distributed!

Dear legends! The codes for the first group have been distributed and we're prepared to start our first focus session! Follow our news and don't miss our announcements about future sendouts! If you're an alpha tester already, please see the pertinent section of the forum for further info. If you're in the test and haven't been assigned your role, Discord would be the quickest way to redeem that: Ping either Philigula#2914 or RadarX#2796, if both are MiA - ask our trusty moderators!

Status update: start of code distribution

Dear Legends! We are starting the distribution of codes among you (Xbox only for now), and will continue the procedure during the coming days. Tomorrow, July 13th (yes, Friday 13th!) the first small group will receive theirs. Please don't lose your bearings if you didn't get into the first group, as we will be adding more and more people with each couple of sessions, and of course, announce the fact. Most of you will receive the codes through email (address associated with your Xbox gamertag) and gain access to a specialized forum section and then a separate channel on Discord, some will get the codes through DMs.¬†We ask you not to assault our DMs here or on Discord¬†and beg for codes, as that tactic will not work, since the codes were already assigned to particular people. Also, only myself and Radar X are likely to be responsive to queries regarding the alpha status on the Forum and alpha role on Discord, so please be respectful of our developers ūüôā¬† Note, that the bulk of codes will be sent out during the next week. If you received a code and didn't get the appropriate "Alpha tester" role on the forum or discord, please don't hesitate to contact me or Radar X, so we can assign the role for you. This process might be a little drawn out, but please be patient and merciful over the weekend ūüėȬ† Servers will be up and running initially, so you can try out most of the features, however finding Standard battles might prove difficult because of the limited amount of players. So your go-to at first would be "Versus AI" mode.¬†That's why we implement focused sessions, where we'll ask you to¬†focus¬†(did I use "focus" enough?)¬†on particular features and provide timely feedback through special forum topics and of course on Discord.¬† We will share the test schedule for those sessions soon and give the groups "assignments" to look at particular features and provide particular feedback on them.¬† Please understand that this is where the NDA becomes quite serious, so if we detect any leaks there will be zero tolerance policy with a swift removal of early access rights for such violators, but this policy is subject to change. Once again, if you didn't get selected, please be patient and wait for the next wave of invitations as we will need more people inevitably. We love you all, but can't let you all in just yet.¬† Until further notice, turn the tide!