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December 2019 Update Patchnotes

Happy holidays!

Dear Legends! It's time for holidays and we wanted to offer more activities than ever before with the Last Battleship campaign, the Yamato madness and various new opportunities in the Admiralty. We hope you have fun! Please be informed that this update will last for 6 weeks, until February the 3rd. 

Let us take this moment to wish all of you the absolute best in the New Year! Don't forget to spend some quality time with your families, friends and loved ones!

We appreciate that you've chosen Legends as one of your pastimes and hope you enjoy the little gift we've put in the store (grab it until January 6!). Triple first win bonus is also going to be available from December 25th to January the 3nd.

More of everything is about to come in the year 2020 and we hope you'll stay with us on this journey. See you in 2020 and turn the tide!

New York port

The festive New York port becomes your home destination in Legends! Complete with the famous skyline and the Brooklyn bridge! Fireworks included. The port will remain your backdrop for the full duration of this update.


Santa containers

Santa containers are a good way to get some supplies and Premium ships! We'll sprinkle some Secret Santa containers along your journey through this update and you'll be able to purchase the Super Santa containers in the shop, as well as get a couple from the campaign.


  • Secret Santa Container (not purchasable directly) offers tier III and IV premium ships and other various goods.
    • Yubari, Arkansas, G-101, Iwaki, Texas, Marblehead
  • Super Santa Containers hold tier IV and V ships in addition to other gear, as well as guaranteed 50 Sakura coins per container.
    • IV Marblehead, IV Texas, IV Kamikaze, V Graf Spee, V T-61, Mutsu, V Dunkerque, V De Grasse, V Arizona, V Warspite, V Aigle (a new French destroyer only available as a drop for now), VI Indianapolis and VI Kidd

Sakura coins

A new currency for the Admiralty Store. Choice of goods includes Premium ships G-101 and Asashio in addition to all the consumables.

  • Available as a reward for any branch of the Gathering Sakura combat mission, as well as Overwhelming Power combat missions.
  • 50 Sakura coins can be found in each Super Santa Container, which can be purchased can be purchased in the shop for 1000 doubloons each.
  • The Gathering Sakura mission cards for G-101 and Jean Bart allow players to earn a significant amount (750) of Sakura coins per chain. G-101 in turn can be obtained for a discounted price of 200 Sakura coins (4 Super Santa crates) until December 30 as well as from a Secret Santa Container. After the first week the ship's price will increase to 750 Sakura coins. So if you want to absolutely maximize your Sakura earnings, don't wait too long!
  • Jean Bart chain of Gathering Sakura also awards Robert Jaujard, a great commander for this ship, at the end. 
  • Admiralty will contain Asashio, the Tier VI IJN destroyer, available for 3000 Sakura coins. Important disclaimer: Please note, that the maximum amount of Sakura coins that you can gather without making a purchase is 2990 2925, so to get the Asashio you need to purchase at least 1 2 Super Santa containers or get it from the Admiralty-backed campaign. Asashio will become available through different sources sometime in the future. Additionally, understand that completing the Overwhelming Power missions in full may require you to have more than 2 Yamato battles a day which would also require purchasing Kite tokens from the store, so the 2925 number is only valid if you're showing outstanding results. On average you'd be able to get around 1800 - 2000 and change of Sakura coins without spending anything. 

Yamato event overview

The Yamato is finally making an appearance! Note that she arrives for a limited time but she'll make a permanent return later. Yamato is the first Legendary tier ship, she is simultaneously the most powerful ship in the game, hence the special matchmaking rules which are described below.



Some facts:

  • 2nd week of update (Dec. 30) the Giant of the Sea mission becomes available. Finishing the mission awards you with 2 special patch elements.
  • Once you're done with that mission, the Yamato can be taken to battle by spending Kite tokens, which in turn are obtained from daily logins and daily missions, as well as purchased from the store. 
  • Yamato replaces 3 ships in matchmaking, possible configurations:
  • 6 ships+ Yamato vs. 9 ships
  • 6 ships+ Yamato vs. 6 ships+ Yamato*
  • 4 Yamatos vs. 4 Yamatos on particular maps in Epicenter mode.
  • Yamato can only be in a division with other Yamatos.
  • Yamato has tier VII service costs.

*Asymmetrical battles are only possible in Standard mode

Have at it and bring some extra destruction this holiday season!

The Last Battleship campaign

This time our campaign encompasses 6 weeks and only contains a set of weekly challenges without the "Battle triumph" component. The price for Admiralty Backing is 2500 doubloons and as before it only works for this specific campaign. Don't forget that you can get it at any time, receiving all the already reached milestone rewards instantly, so make sure to gauge your progress before getting an Admiralty Backing. Jean Bart, a tier VII French Premium battleship is the ultimate reward for this campaign. Other than frontal position of both the gun turrets, she has a unique consumable - Main battery reload booster, which can make an encounter with a broadsiding enemy especially fatal for them. 


Here's what you can get from the campaign.

The free rewards for the whole campaign:

  • Spoiler


    • 4x common boosters of each type
    • 2x rare boosters of each type
    • 1x epic booster of each type
    • 4x Type 1 camos
    • 4x Type 2 camos
    • 4x Type 3 camos
    • 5x Santa in Red camos
    • 5x Santa in Blue camos
    • 13 000 Global XP
    • 225 000 Commander XP
    • 750 000 Credits
    • 1x Insignia
    • 13x Promotion Orders
    • 1x Universal Commendation
    • 7 days of Premium time
    • 250 Doubloons
    • 5x Secret Santa containers
    • 1x Super Santa container
    • Jean Bart patch background and symbol


Total doubloon value of rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 14230.

If you get backed by the Admiralty (2500 doubloons), you can also unlock these rewards if you complete the whole campaign:

  • Spoiler


    • 10x rare boosters of each type
    • 5x epic booster of each type
    • 9x Type 1 camos
    • 9x Type 2 camos
    • 9X Type 3 camos
    • 10x Santa in Red camos
    • 10x Santa in Blue camos
    • 19 000 Global XP
    • 135 000 Commander XP
    • 1 050 000 Credits
    • 3x Insignia
    • 23x Promotion Orders
    • 1x Universal Commendation
    • 750 Doubloons
    • 5x Secret Santa containers
    • 1x Super Santa container
    • Tier VII Premium French Battleship Jean Bart


Doubloon value of rewards available with Admiralty Backing: 47895.

Total doubloon value of the whole campaign: 62125.


Maps and spawns

We've made 2 sets of changes to the maps and their spawn points. High tier map spawns have been modified to allow for later spotting, while maps for tiers up to 6 mostly have been looked at in terms of spawn balance, meaning that there were slight discrepancies between the teams depending on where a particular team spawns. Those discrepancies aren't often more than 1% but we decided that a change was warranted anyway.

High tier spawns with delayed spotting have been introduced for the following maps:

  • Neighbors (tier VI-VII battles)
  • Haven (tier VI-VII battles)
  • Trident (tier VI-VII battles)
  • Estuary (tier VI-VII battles)

Maps that had spawns and caps tweaked to accommodate for better balance:

  • Strait (tier IV-VI battles)
  • Shards (tier V-VII battles)
  • North (tier V-VII battles)
  • New Dawn (tier IV-VI battles)
  • Ring (tier III-V battles)
  • Two Brothers  (tier VI-VII battles)
  • Big Race (tier II-IV battles)

Some maps will also appear less in the matchmaking, than before. 



Tier VI and VII ship balance

You'll find some bold balance changes in the update, mostly aimed at increasing the cruiser population at tier VII. Read on for the full details.

  • Yorck: 
    • Changes to the AP shell allow it to penetrate more armor at all distances. We've initially designed the Yorck to rely on HE, but since many players preferred to use AP we've buffed these shells instead.

The Akatsuki was overall too effective compared to her counterparts. We also wanted to make the Kagero seem to be more of an improvement, however her balance is fine as is. That's why Akatsuki's torpedoes are receiving a little nerf:

  • Torpedo damage was reduced from 17233 to 16900
  • Torpedo visibility was increased from 1.6 km to 1.8 km

Nagato, Amagi and Iowa showed too much combat potential compared to their rivals. Additionally Cruiser were not able to deal enough damage to Amagi and Iowa. Thats why these two ships received a change to the HP compartment distribution adding more HP to the superstructure, stern and bow, so they are a bit easier to damage.

  •  Nagato:
    • Accuracy was reduced due to the highest effectiveness amongst all Tier 6 Battleships
    • The maximum damage of armor piercing shells was reduced from 12600 to 12100

Nagato was going a little bit over the line in her winrate, therefore she receives a slight nerf to her firing capabilities.

  • Amagi: 
    • Maximum damage of armor piercing shells was reduced from 12600 to 12100
    • Rudder shift time for both hulls was increased
      • Hull A: From 27,1 s to 28.1 s
      • Hull B: From 22.6 s to 26.6 s
    • Maximum HP of the Ship was reduced for both hulls
      • Hull A: maximum HP was reduced from 59300 to 56300
      • Hull B: maximum HP was reduced from 66300 to 62300

While Amagi is not the most popular choice among the tier VII battleships, she sure is the most effective, hence the straight artillery nerf. 

Finally, the Iowa: 

  • Maximum damage of the armor piercing shells was reduced from 13500 to 13100.

Iowa was simply perceived as overpowered for a long time and we want to cull that perception a little bit, and while it is true that she's easier to take advantage of than Amagi, we didn't want to go overboard. Future tweaks are still possible.

All Tier VII cruisers were lacking survivability against Battleships making them a less popular choice, which is something we wanted to change. Therefore they receive Repair Party consumable (except for Charles Martel which shows great results even as is, however, no balance is ever final!). These changes will improve the cruisers' longevity, giving more room for mistakes and their correction. This should make their gameplay a bit more forgiving. This will also affect their ability to counteract destroyers in high tier battles, possibly reducing the number of destroyers per given match.



  • Your leftover Francs are compensated at a rate of 7500 credits to a single Franc.
  • Premium Supply mission is now available for the tier VII Premium ships.


  • Fixed a bug where division invites were sometimes not working on Playstation
  • Fixed a bug where the camera was stuck in rotation in the camouflage preview
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong ship was selected after returning to port from a battle
  • Fixed a visual bug where the ship name was sometimes displayed outside of the icon
  • Fixed the frame rate issues when navigating the social menu if the player has to many friends
  • Fixed a rare bug that crashed the game when you tried to invite a player who's already in a division
  • Fixed a rare bug that incorrectly displayed the overview tab when switching between ships rapidly
  • Fixed a rare bug that crashed the game when players tried to division up using ships too wide of a tier gap

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