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Black Friday: Ships & Deals


This year, Black Friday season starts as early as November 7, and the deals will keep coming till December 1! Ships and Store offers await you—let's find out what's in stock! 

First, we have five new black ships gracing our seas. The exact list looks as follows: 

Italian Tier III Premium battleship Dante Alighieri


You can get this magnificent battleship through the Supreme Poet mission, which you can pick up in the Store for 5,000,000 credits. Dante Alighieri B provides an option to go all-out on SAP shells, with both her secondaries and a module for her main battery able to fire them. This module also increases main battery reload time by 4 s—from 32 to 36 s.

Japanese Tier VIII Premium cruiser Ibuki 


The black version of Ibuki has a reduced main battery range (14.7 km instead of 15.5), improved accuracy (sigma indicator 2.1 instead of 2.05), and the Spotter consumable. The changes are intended to make this version a Premium sidegrade; she also has stock torpedoes. 

Please note: Ibuki is available through Black Friday '22 crates only. 

Italian Tier V Premium cruiser Duca D'Aosta


Duca D'Aosta B possesses all the same stats as the original Italian cruiser and looks very cool in black.

German Tier VI Premium destroyer Z-39


This destroyer looks absolutely majestic in her sleek black permanent camouflage. The black version of Z-39 shares the same stats as the standard variant. 

German Tier VII Premium battleship Bismarck


This famous ship looks utterly stunning in black—and she also sports some changes compared to the original. Bismarck B has an extended ATBA range (7.7 km instead of 7.5), reduced main battery range (16.6 km down from 17.4), and slightly increased turret traverse (by 0.2°/s—now 5.2°/s). As with Ibuki, this version is intended as a Premium sidegrade for the ship and has stock AA suite. 

Besides, make sure to check the Store for various offers on ships, Commander Progression Items, camos, and other content. More packages will be added to the Store on November 14 and 21, with discounts of up to 90% on certain non-ship goods for the latter drop! Black Friday crates that hold ships, doubloons, Commander Progression Items, and more content are also available. These crates have the guarantee system in place—you’re guaranteed to get one of the new black ships that you don't own at least in each 40th crate. Dante Alighieri B isn’t included in the available drops since you can acquire her through the special mission. You can check the exact drop rates at https://wowslegends.com/containers/.

Pick some content for yourself, and turn the tide!

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