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December Update: The Most Wonderful Tide of the Year


Maintenance times:

  • Xbox: December 12, 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC
  • PlayStation: December 12, 2:00 – 5:00 AM Central / 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC

Update size:

  • Xbox One (S,X) ~3560 MB
  • Xbox Series S/X ~2760 MB
  • PS4 ~2769 MB
  • PS5 ~874 MB
  • iOS ~ 1200 MB
  • Android ~ 1200 MB

December Update: The Most Wonderful Tide of the Year

This holiday season is a busy one, here's your TLDR:

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

To obtain more holiday gifts (1x Winter Big Crate and 10x Holiday camos), redeem the code KKFM2MXWGD at https://wowslegends.com/code-redeemer.

Holiday Season 

Captains, we’ll be covering all holiday activities in a separate article in the nearest future, but if you want to catch a glimpse of what's coming—read on! 

Holiday Gift Bundle

Bringing joy and festive spirit, free Holiday Gift bundle will be waiting for you starting December 19 through January 16, 2023. Don't forget to pick it up! To find out the contents, stay tuned for the upcoming holiday content overview.

Holiday Port 

[ver.4.9] Fjords New Year EN-min.png

Looking pretty festive, right? Also available within the Port selection feature. Mobile players will stay in the default Port, but we'll inject more holiday spirit next season!

ADVENTure Calendar

[ver.4.9] Adventure Calendar EN-min.png

Similar to the Hunt for Agincourt, for the first 3 weeks of the update, you'll have to complete tasks, and you’ll get daily and weekly rewards for doing so. The final Prize is the Santa Commander guise, available for all nations' non-collab Commanders! Expect a detailed breakdown of the Adventure Calendar early next week as a standalone blog post. Please note: the Adventure Calendar is not available in the mobile version of Legends.

The Ships of Winter

[ver.4.9] Maass W EN-min.png

A new Legendary Tier Japanese cruiser Yoshino is the ultimate holiday destination, should you choose to embark on a long and strenuous voyage, with a special skin available for her as well! To obtain her, you'll need 35,000 Winter Shards. It’s mathematically possible to get her for free, but it would require a very (VERY!) significant time investment and you meeting a lot of prerequisites. That said, Yoshino is just one of the many curiosities this holiday season, and there are many more rewards available for Winter Shards, such as Italian Tier IV Premium cruiser Genova—our former Halloween prize—and the Super 5 crate!

Moreover, the fabulous four of Georgia, Hyūga, Maass, and Algérie will be available in the form of "winter" ships, obtainable in the Store. They look snowy and cool! 
While Georgia and Hyūga are the same in terms of stats, winter versions of Algérie and Maass underwent some changes.


  • Gains access to Main Battery Reload Booster
  • Main battery reload time increased from 12 to 13 s
  • Has stock torpedoes and main battery range


  • Main battery reload time decreased from 4 to 3.7 s
  • Has stock torpedoes and main battery range

To get Winter Shards:

  • Score Windroses (see the next paragraph)
  • Sail through the Adventure Calendar (read on to find out more about it!)
  • Complete special Marco Polo and Marlborough weekly missions (more on that later!) that are coming with the campaign
  • Participate in Arena battles
  • Purchase bundles that include them

Windroses & x35 GXP conversion

The holidays are a time for presents! Get yours from your first wins during the update playing ships from the categories listed below. You can look forward to receiving camos and Winter Shards, the latter of which you can exchange for in-game items as described above! 

The full list of prizes looks as follows:

  • Tier IV–VI Tech Tree ships: 1x Holiday camo
  • Tier IV–V Premium ships: 2x Holiday camo
  • Tier VI Premium ships: 75 Winter Shards
  • Tier VII Tech Tree ships: 100 Winter Shards
  • Tier VII Premium ships: 125 Winter Shards
  • Tier VIII Tech Tree ships: 125 Winter Shards
  • Tier VIII Premium ships: 150 Winter Shards
  • Legendary Tier ships: 150 Winter Shards

You can also look forward to the GXP conversion rate being improved to x35 (instead x25) for each doubloon from December 12 through 19

Holiday Commander Guises

[ver.4.9] Scrooge Guise EN-min.png

Santa and Scrooge are coming in form of Commander guises! Both sport unique voiceovers and come with red shell tracers, and they can be applied to non-collaboration Commanders of any nation. The Santa guise can be only obtained through the Adventure calendar, while Scrooge can be found in the Store. Please note: Commander guises are not yet available in the mobile version of Legends.

New Winter Big Crate & Bonus Secret Santa Crates in the Store  

Big season—big crates! A revamped version of our seasonal crate, called Winter Big Crate '23, has chances of dropping a wider selection of ships than any of the big crates before! Besides in-game goods, such as Commander Progression Items and camos, you can get one of the following Premium ships (ships you own are excluded from possible drops):

  • American Tier V battleship California
  • Italian Tier V destroyer Leone
  • Japanese Tier VI destroyer Asashio
  • British Tier VI cruiser Tiger '59
  • German Tier VI battleship Scharnhorst
  • German Tier VII cruiser Mainz (this is a new ship, essentially meaning that the Mainz cruisers currently owned by Captains are getting the CE designation; more on that later)

What’s more—for 14 days, from December 12 through 26, the free daily reward in the Store will consist of 1x common container + 1x Secret Santa '23 crate. Don't forget to grab yours! 

You can find the exact drop rates here: https://wowslegends.com/containers/

New Year's Resolutions

Coming in the form of daily subscriptions, either for 2 weeks, 1 month, or 3 months, these are the perfect way to start off 2023 in style! Check the in-game Store or your platform store from December 12 to learn about the Resolutions in detail. 

Double Impact Campaign

[ver.4.9] Marco Polo EN-min.png

Within the standard 5-week/100-milestone framework, and also with the catchup mechanic enabled alongside Heroic Effort missions, the dynamic duo of campaign rewards is represented by two Tier VIII battleships. Italian Premium Marco Polo arrives with access to SAP shells for her powerful 16-inch (406 mm) main battery guns, good agility, and decent armor. British Premium Marlborough, at the same time, sports sixteen (16!) 14-inch (356 mm) guns, and she has a nice top speed to boot. One ship of your choice will be available after completing milestone number 100 with an active Admiralty Backing; the second ship will be obtainable for 17,500 doubloons for the duration of the campaign after making that choice. 

[ver.4.9] Marlborough EN-min.png

This campaign also includes three additional missions. Two of them, for Marlborough and Marco Polo, will reward you with a total of up to 20,000 Winter Shards combined; the third (weekly) mission included in the basic Admiralty Backing package will give you the opportunity to gain extra 625 Renown.


Rewards you can get without the Admiralty Backing: 

  • 50x Common Boosters 
  • 8x Union Jack camouflages
  • 8x Regia Marina camouflages
  • 350,000 Research Points
  • 125,000 Commander XP
  • 700,000 credits
  • 7,500 Global XP
  • 15x Promotion Orders
  • 1x Insignia
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 3x Secret Santa '23 crates
  • 1x British Commander crate
  • 1x Italian Commander crate
  • 2x patch backgrounds
  • 2x patch symbols
  • 2x personal missions (for Marco Polo and Marlborough) 

Value of the rewards without the Admiralty Backing: 15,536 doubloons 

Additional rewards you can get with the Admiralty Backing (2,500 doubloons):

  • 50x Rare Boosters
  • 15x Santa in blue camouflages
  • 15x Santa in red camouflages
  • 22x Regia Marina camouflages
  • 22x Union Jack camouflages
  • 1,400,000 Research Points
  • 275,000 Commander XP
  • 2,300,000 credits
  • 32,500 Global XP
  • 30x Promotion Orders
  • 3x Insignia
  • 4x Commendations
  • 750 doubloons
  • 7x Secret Santa '23 crates
  • 4x Super Santa '23 crates
  • 2x commemorative flags
  • 1x Admiralty Backing special weekly mission, rewarding Renown
  • British Tier VIII Premium battleship Marlborough or Italian Tier VIII Premium battleship Marco Polo; the ship you don't pick as the reward will be obtainable for 17,500 doubloons

Total value of the rewards with the Admiralty Backing: 76,650 doubloons

Arena Returns for the Holidays

This holiday period, Arena is coming with the Arms Race mechanic—as usual—and three seasons, starting with Tier VII and then proceeding with Tiers VI and V. Oh, and it's also available in the mobile version of Legends! We’ll cover the details of the seasons before the start of the first one on December 22, stay tuned! 

New Ships of the Update 

German Tier VII Premium cruiser Mainz 

[ver.4.9] Mainz EN-min.png

This ship, similar to Wichita and Wichita CE, will serve as a substitution to the original Mainz, which gets the 'CE' (Collector's Edition) designation with the drop of the update and is not going to be available going forward.

The changes compared to Mainz CE:

  • HP changed from 42,500 to 44,000
  • Maximum speed changed from 32 to 33.3 kts
  • Maximum HE shell damage changed from 1,700 to 1,600
  • Fire-setting chances for main battery changed from 8 to 7%

Japanese Tier VII Premium destroyer Kirisame

[ver.4.9] Kirisame EN-min.png 

An experimental Japanese destroyer with multiple hulls, available as the rarest drop from Mega Santa '23 crate.

German Tier VIII Premium destroyer Elbing

[ver.4.9] Elbing EN-min.png

Granted, Elbing is not a new ship, but she was previously available only through the Auction. This German destroyer with tons of HP, railgun-like 5.9-inch (150 mm) rifles, and hard-hitting long-range torpedoes is now obtainable for 1,400,000 Global XP!

Japanese Legendary cruiser Yoshino

[ver.4.9] Yoshino Winter EN-min.png

Powerful AP shells; solid fire-starting capabilities; and long-range, hard-hitting torps: this ship is ready to get out there and do significant damage. Please note: Yoshino can be only obtained for Winter Shards. 

Balance Changes

All secondaries (ATBA) with AP shells will use HE from now on

This change, that we see mostly as a buff, will affect secondary batteries that use AP shells - with no changes for SAP secondaries. This reshuffle will be applied to as many as 27 ships:

  • USA: Ignis Purgatio
  • Japan: Amagi, Arpeggio Haruna, Arpeggio Kirishima, Ashitaka, Azur Lane Fusou, Fusō, Heat Ray, Ishizuchi, Kaga, Kii, Kongō, Musashi, Mutsu, Mutsu B, Myōgi, Nagato, Ragnarok, Yamato
  • UK: Nelson
  • Germany: Bayern, Kaiser, König, König Albert, Nassau
  • Italy: Giulio Cesare, Roma

Carriers nerfs & buffs 

A bunch of aircraft carriers have been either nerfed or buffed. This includes Saipan and Hermes, among others. For exact details, look no further than the dedicated article

Bug Fixes

  • Different Arena seasons were sometimes unavailable in the Service Record.
  • Image frames for personal missions sometimes displayed "null" instead of the intended images.
  • Zieten's front funnel sometimes flickered in certain conditions.
  • Duca D'Aosta B received an incorrect artillery module that combined the reload of the regular guns with SAP shells, which was unintended. She is now identical to the regular version.
  • There was a slight artifacting in the bottom-right corner of the screen whenever ship filters were used.
  • The missions in the post-battle window are now sorted by their progress.
  • The water’s surface could sometimes become jittery in changing light conditions. 
  • Armor viewer would sometimes introduce artifacts to the Port screen.
  • Historical note for Cossack '38 has been corrected.


New Battle Type cards

A slight redesign of the main interface for the battle modes is a good starter dish for the holiday season!

Halloween Rewards converted to credits

Any unspent Soul Stones (150 credits for each) and Ancient Shards (1,500 credits for each) were exchanged for credits.

Black Flags for Dante Alighieri B and Ibuki B owners

Collectors, rejoice: With this update, everyone who owns black versions of Dante and/or Ibuki will automatically get corresponding black flags.

Bureau addition to the mobile version & UI update 

The Bureau is now available in the mobile version of Legends! Additionally, a lot of interface elements for the mobile version have been updated and made more uniform. 

Newbie hints

Hints for new Captains in WoWS: Legends have been further improved and optimized in relation to the battle they are displayed in. It’s a great time to introduce some new friends to the game! 

4K60FPS for Xbox Series X

A solid visual upgrade for Xbox Series X players! Please note: If you have 30FPS mode as your default setting, it will be changed to 60FPS automatically. Also note that if you like playing with ray tracing you'll have to switch to 30 FPS. A similar graphics improvement is in the works for PlayStation—you can expect it next year.

Choose wisely this holiday season, and turn the tide! 

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